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Land and business owners have a legal duty to provide safe premises for patrons, renters and guests.  When that duty is ignored, innocent people are often seriously injured or killed and entire communities are placed at risk.  Our Atlanta premises liability lawyer works tirelessly to hold land and business owners accountable when death or serious injury occurs as a result of their negligence. Hazardous or dangerous premises are usually an unfortunate consequence of negligent behavior.  Premises liability cases include negligent and inadequate security, construction site accidents, drownings, slip and fall accidents, and dram shop cases.   

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At lawyers at James T. Ponton, we limit the number of catastrophic personal injury cases we handle at any one time so we can devote maximum resources to achieving substantial compensation for each of our clients.  We are committed to giving each client the time and attention he or she deserves.  We work with top experts from every discipline to prove the elements of each case.  Our firm works as a team so our clients get the benefit of the collective experience of our lawyer, paralegals and investigators. 

The Atlanta premises liability lawyer Ponton Law has been successfully handling cases arising out of unsafe premises throughout Georgia for many years.

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