Back Pain After Slip And Fall In Atlanta, GA

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How Are Slip and Fall Settlements Determined? | Ponton Law

A slip and fall accident or incident occur mostly in public, and as a result, it can be very pleasant. At Ponton Law, we are here to help you change the embarrassing moment into a case. Most of the times, slip and fall accidents tend to be catastrophic, and in the end, they cause significant injuries that may require treatment.

A slip and fall can be complex if you do not have the required knowledge. The cases are quite tiresome and cumbersome, and when you try to pursue them yourself, you may end up not getting a fair hearing and outcome. At Ponton Law, our Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer can provide you the legal representation that you require to protect your rights.

Slip and fall accidents and injuries may range from minor scratches to the most destructive and painful injuries. These accidents occur in the most unusual places, such as:

  •       A Slippery, Wet or Slick surface
  •       Uneven walking surfaces
  •       Scattered Objects and Debris
  •       Broken Handrails
  •       Poorly maintained escalators or elevators.

Not all slip and fall incidences are a result of human error or mistakes. Some of these cases are a result of natural causes such as ice or rain. Regardless of the cause, slip and fall can result in severe and nasty injuries. These injuries range from broken bones, head and brain injuries to back and spine injuries.

Our law firm specializes in ensuring that you focus on your health and recovery while we focus on your case. After the accident, you should seek immediate medical attention and get your medical record filled. The records will be used during the hearing of your case.

Back Pain after Slip and fall

A majority of the people involved in slip and fall incidents complain a lot about sustaining back and spine pain after the accident. The pain may be a result of strained muscle tendons or sprained ligaments. Some of the back injuries may lead to partial or complete paralysis.

After such an incident, you have the choice or option of suing the property owner or not suing. A majority of the people do not even know that they have the option of suing, and that is why we advise our clients to always contact an attorney immediately after the accident.

It would be best if you considered working with a qualified and experienced car accident lawyer to increase the chances of winning your slip and fall case. We have some of the best attorneys who have handled several of slip and fall cases to the better end. The end may vary from monetary gains to a deserved ruling. To win your case and get a fair outcome, you need an aggressive and exposed lawyer.

Do not let the negligence of another person go unpunished. It is not because of the money but also because you do not want someone else to go through the same ordeal. Contacting a slip and fall lawyer will immediately ensure that you increase your compensation and avoid getting a low initial pay-out.

Ponton Law is here for you; we offer a free consultation to new clients. Talk to one of our attorneys today and get the necessary guidance during this trying time. We guarantee you the best legal representation. Contact us today!