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Common Plaintiff Deposition Questions for a Slip and Fall

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If you have been injured in a slip and fall, you can work with an Atlanta Slip and Fall Accident Attorney to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit. For the latter, you might be called in at some point for a plaintiff deposition. This is a question-and-answer session done under sworn oath and at a lawyer’s office.

Most depositions are arranged through the agreement of the involved parties and attorneys. If you are required to give a deposition, knowing the common plaintiff deposition questions slip and fall can help you better prepare for the session.


Background Questions

Most defense attorneys will begin their plaintiff deposition by asking a series of background questions. The questions will usually have very little or nothing to do with the accident, and you may be required to provide details about the following:

  • Your family background
  • Your medical background
  • Your military background, if any.
  • Your employment or work history
  • Your residence details for the last ten or fifteen years

Because these questions are of a personal nature, they can get very probing and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, most states allow defense attorneys to ask these questions. Your attorney can make an objection for the record, nonetheless, if they believe the questions are genuinely inappropriate.


Medical History Questions

While every attorney will follow their own format when asking deposition questions, the next set is usually about your medical history. You may be required to provide information on anything, including the last time you visited a hospital or the medication you are currently taking.

These questions are often legal, and you will be required to answer unless your attorney argues otherwise. That said, they can be equally, if not more probing than the background questions.


Accident-Related Questions

Once the background questions are out of the way, the attorney will ask questions related to the accident. You may be required to narrate the incident then answer a series of follow up questions. For example, if you fell on a wet floor in a store, the questions may include:

  • What shoes were you wearing when the accident happened?
  • Were you carrying anything in your hands?
  • Where were you looking when you fell?
  • Was there a sign alerting you to the wet floor?
  • How did you lose your balance?
  • Which of your feet slipped first?
  • How wide was the floor?


Questions on Injuries and Damages

Finally, the defense attorney will focus on your injuries, losses, and the compensation you are seeking for them. They generally want to know the extent to which the accident has impacted your life and will ask questions concerning:

  • Your diagnosis and prognosis
  • Medical expenses
  • Treatment
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Lost workdays
  • Effect of the accident on your personal life and relationships


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The burden of proof for a slip and fall lies on you as the plaintiff, meaning that the defense attorney will be hanging on every word you say. While your attorney will usually prepare you beforehand, you must familiarize yourself with these plaintiff deposition questions slip and fall.

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