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How Long Does a Premises Liability Case Last Before Settlement?

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A person who has sustained injuries in a slip and fall accident in Atlanta most likely wants the claim to reach a resolution as fast as possible. The less time it takes to resolve the claim, the sooner the victim can acquire compensation to pay hospital bills and move on with life.

How Long Do Slip and Fall Settlement Take?

If you’ve been harmed in a slip and fall incident, you might have questions about the claim settlement process. Well, an Atlanta slip and fall attorney can review your legal options during a no-obligation case evaluation. Resolving claims involving slip and falls isn’t always a fast process, even if things appear straightforward.

Ponton Law attorneys can help you gain knowledge on what to expect at every stage of a slip and fall settlement case. We are a prominent firm based in Atlanta, and our lawyers and staff members take pride in offering individual attention to clients. Our legal team has tackled numerous Atlanta slip and fall lawsuits. We will thoroughly investigate your accident and collect the proof required to build a robust case.

The details below describe the settlement timeline for a slip and fall case, and what you can expect from the court procedures.

1.      Investigating the Slip and Fall Incident

An Atlanta slip and fall attorney will investigate your case to determine who is responsible for your injuries. He or she will identify the forms of insurance that are available to offer compensation and assess the losses linked to the accident. After that, the lawyer will present a demand letter to the right insurance agencies in an effort to seek maximum compensation for your damages.

2.      Filing a Complaint

With the help of a skilled attorney, you’ll be able to determine when to file a complaint. A slip and fall claim can be filed with a court week after the incident. Many times, an effort might be made to bargain a favorable settlement before proceeding to litigation. The Atlanta statute of limitations gives a deadline of two years from the day of the injury to submit a personal injury lawsuit. Delays in filing might imply that the evidence has been ruined and may result in a delayed slip and fall settlement.

3.      Waiting for the Defendant’s Response

After filing a complaint in court, the defendant has a set amount of time to give an answer to the complaint. Under Georgia law, the defendant should give a response within 30 days of receiving the complaint.

4.      Discovery Phase

In the discovery stage, both parties are given a chance to question one another and learn about the case, including the evidence of each side. The amount of time a discovery phase takes tends to vary from one case to another, depending on the number of defendants.

Although some discoveries may take just a few weeks or months, others may last for many months or over a year. It all comes down to the severity of the injuries and the number of defendants.

The process of discovery gives a clearer picture of the proof each party possesses. After the procedure, there might be a chance to negotiate a settlement.

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