Plaintiff Deposition Questions to Expect During a Slip and Fall Case in Atlanta, GA

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Plaintiff Deposition Questions to Expect During a Slip and Fall Case in Atlanta, GA | Ponton Law

If you are in the middle of a slip and fall lawsuit, you may be called in for a deposition at some point. Knowing what this is and which plaintiff deposition questions slip and fall to expect can further build your case. You should also consider working closely with an Atlanta Slip and Fall Accident Attorney.

What Is a Deposition?

A deposition refers to a question and answers session during the litigation process that takes place in an attorney’s office. It is usually done under oath where the party required to give a deposition is questioned by the other party’s attorney. Although most depositions happen by agreement of the involved parties, a witness can be compelled to give one if they decline.

Background Questions

Most defense attorneys will begin by delving into the plaintiff’s background. They might ask questions about your education, employment history, military record, family background, a residence for the last decade or so, and work history.

During this part of the session, most plaintiffs will feel uncomfortable and that the questions are irrelevant to the accidents. However, most states allow defense attorneys to ask these questions. Your attorney will step in if they feel the attorney is going too far.

Medical History

A common defense in personal injury suits is that the plaintiff’s injuries were pre-existing. This explains why most defense attorneys will ask questions about your medical history, including the last time you were hospitalized and why. Usually, your attorney will have prepared you for this, and you will know what to expect.

Accident Details

The accident details are the most important aspect of your case as they help determine liability. The defense attorney will first want you to narrate the entire accident as you remember it. Once this is done, they will ask follow-up questions about the incident. For instance, if you slip and fell on a slippery floor, the defense attorney might ask the following:

  • When and where did the accident happen?
  • Why was the floor slippery?
  • Was there a warning sign posted about the slippery floor?
  • What type of shoes were you wearing during the accident?
  • Were you carrying anything in your hands?
  • Were you texting while walking?
  • How wide was the corridor in which you fell?
  • Exactly how did you slip?
  • Which foot slipped first?

The questions can be quite exhaustive and could drag on for up to an hour. Again, your attorney will have prepared you on how to answer them, so you are not caught off-guard.

 Injuries and Damages

By now, the defense attorney will have established exactly how and when the accident happened. They will then proceed to questions about the injury. You might have to answer questions such as:

  • How long after the accident did you see a healthcare provider?
  • Which hospital did you go to?
  • What were your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment?
  • How much were your medical bills?
  • How much time did you miss?
  • How has the accident affected you emotionally and socially?

Speak to an Atlanta Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

There is no way to know exactly what the defense attorney will ask you during your deposition. Your best play is to practice with your Atlanta Slip and Fall Accident Attorney. If you are worried about your plaintiff deposition questions slip and fall, contact attorney James Ponton today at (404) 857-4124 to schedule a free consultation.