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Swimming pools, beaches, water parks and boats can be dangerous areas for children as well as adults.  Our Atlanta, Georgia accidental drowning lawyer knows that drownings can happen very quickly and with little or no warning.  Children lose consciousness after approximately two minutes under water and brain injury occurs between four and six minutes.  Most children who survive a near drowning without neurological damage are found within two minutes after submersion.  Most drowning fatalities occur after the victim had been submerged for over 10 minutes.

People who survive a near drowning can suffer lifelong consequences including severe, permanent hypoxic or anoxic brain damage.  After four to six minutes under water, the damage is usually irreversible.  Drownings occur either on public or privately owned property.

  • Public Pool Operators

Drownings and near drowning incidents are almost always preventable.  Public pool operators have a duty to protect against foreseeable hazards by taking such measures as inspecting and maintaining pool fences, ensure gates and locks are in good working order to prevent unauthorized or unsupervised use of pools and spas.  They must, in addition, inspect and properly maintain pool or hot tub drain covers to prevent suction entrapment, hire qualified life guards, post warning signs, as well as provide appropriate life saving equipment.  Finally, pool operators must undertake such other safety measures as may be reasonable under the circumstances.

  • Private Pool Operators

Owners of swimming pools or hot tubs on private property, including apartment complexes and condominium associations, are likewise required to protect against foreseeable risks by taking appropriate safety measures to prevent accidental drowning and may be held liable for failing to do so.  Generally, hotels as well as the owners and operators of public pools, pools in private homes, apartment complex pools, and condo association pools have liability insurance which covers them for personal injury or wrongful death claims arising out of accidental drownings caused by their negligence.

An Atlanta Accidental Drowning Attorney Can Help You

At Ponton Law, we handle accidental drowning and near drowning cases throughout the state of Georgia where death or serious injury result from the failure of public and private property owners and operators to take reasonable safety precautions under the circumstances.  Ponton Law is committed to giving each client the time and attention he or she deserves.  Our firm works as a team so that our clients get the benefit of the collective skill and effort of our experienced and highly trained attorneys, paralegals and investigators.  Our legal team works relentlessly to obtain just compensation for our clients and their families.

If you or someone you know has suffered serious injuries or death in a near drowning or drowning accident, contact an Atlanta, Georgia accidental drowning lawyer at Ponton Law today at 404-418-8507 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.  We offer a free case evaluation and we do not bill you for attorney’s fees and costs unless we obtain a recovery.

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