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Recovering Compensation for Rollover Car Accident Injuries

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Rollover accident compensation

Many rollover car accidents have little to do with the fault of the drivers. They may be due to poorly built roads or faulty treads of the vehicle tires that cause them to burst. Sometimes the drivers may actually be forced to take evasive action to avoid crushing. Which may, unfortunately, result in the rollover of the car. Regardless of the fault, hiring our skilled Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers enables you to receive full compensation for resulting injuries.

How Rollover Car Accidents Happen

Vehicles can roll over to the side or top multiple times due to a number of reasons. Which include the following:

Tripping Over of the Vehicle

Tripping may happen when the driver hits an obstacle, pothole or large bump. Such an impact may send the tires into the air, tipping the vehicle and causing it to roll over. The case may be the same if the tires of another vehicle hit the tires of your car.

Speeding on a Curve

Speed limits tend to remain constant on highways or roadways that are straight. However, on roads that are curvy, speeding may be fatal. When a vehicle speeds around a bend, increasing lateral forces of the turn can throw the vehicle off balance.

Swerving or Overcorrecting

The lateral forces at play when a vehicle speeds around a bend also apply in case a vehicle changes directions suddenly. If the vehicle is heading in a specific direction the driver should not suddenly jerk the wheel in another different direction. This may happen if the driver is not paying attention or if another driver forces you out of your lane.

Common Rollover Car Accident Injuries

Rollover car injuries are often a result of the occupants of the vehicle being ejected from their seats. Which causes severe injuries especially on vehicles without roll cages or bars. Such injuries include the following:

  • Skull fractures which bring about traumatic brain injuries and other head traumas
  • Paralysis and spinal cord injuries
  • Burns in case the vehicle catches fire
  • Multiple broken bones
  • Joint dislocations and disfigurations
  • Internal injuries and tears of soft tissues

Rollover car accidents require immediate medical attention to avoid any delays that may cause the victims to succumb to the injuries.

Liability in Rollover Car Accidents

Losses arising from a rollover accident can often be overwhelming. Medical bills along with lost income add up quickly and the accident victims may face permanent impairments. It’s critical to have an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney to evaluate if another party is liable for your losses and injuries. There has to be proof that the accident was as a result of another party’s negligence in order to receive compensation.

Negligence that causes rollover car accident injuries can happen in several ways. Which may include:

  • Distracted or aggressive driving and other forms of recklessness on the road that causes a driver to swerve.
  • Dangerous hazards on the roads including potholes, cracks and very high bumps. The responsibility of fixing such hazards lies with the government transportation departments.
  • Road designers failing to set up speed limits appropriately or poor warning signs for curves that are sharper.

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