Slip and Fall Accident in Parking Lot

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Property owners in Georgia are required to maintain their properties in a safe condition. This includes outdoor areas such as sidewalks and parking lots. Unfortunately, some property owners and managers choose to ignore this duty. Their negligence can lead to a slip and fall accident; which could be severe or fatal. They could also have immense financial repercussions.

If you suffer a slip and fall in the parking lot, you could be entitled to compensation. An expert Slip and Fall Attorney can help you determine the at-fault party and file a personal injury claim against them.

Here, we discuss parking lot accidents and possible liable parties.


Common Causes of Parking Lot Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident can occur due to many different reasons. In a parking lot, the presence of certain conditions can spell danger for passersby. They include:

  •   Poor Lighting – Proper lighting allows walkers to navigate a parking lot. It also increases their chances of spotting a dangerous condition such as a spilled fluid in time to avoid an accident.
  •       Ice, Sleet, or Snow – When black ice blends into the pavement of a parking lot, it can cause slipping. The risk increases when a dusting of snow covers the ice.
  •   Spills – Spilled fluids such as oil, water, or drinks are common on parking lot surfaces. If not cleaned promptly, they could create a safety hazard for anyone passing through the lot.
  •       Debris – If property owners or residents leave items lying around in a parking lot, they create a tripping hazard. Unsuspecting people can trip over these obstacles and injure themselves.
  •       Uneven Flooring – Cracks, potholes, and missing pavements on concrete or asphalt flooring can cause people to suddenly lose their balance and fall.


Possible Liable Parties in a Georgia Slip and Fall

Most times, a slip and fall in the parking lot is usually the result of negligence. You can pursue damages for your losses in Atlanta if you can identify the liable party in your accident. Possible people who can be held responsible include:

  •   Commercial Property Owners

Restaurant and store owners are required to inspect the area outside their buildings for any dangerous conditions and remedy them. If you get injured outside such premises, you can file a claim against them.

  •   Commercial Property Operators

If a property owner passes possession of a building to a tenant, the tenant can be held responsible for accidents that happen on the property.

  •   Apartment Owners or Tenants

Depending on who has possession, you can hold an apartment landlord or tenant for any injuries suffered in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

  •   Government Agencies

If a government entity fails to maintain a public parking lot in a safe condition, it can risk liability.


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Determining liability in a slip and fall in the parking lot can prove problematic. This is because multiple parties can usually be held responsible for maintaining the lot in a safe condition. At Ponton Law, our first priority is to help you choose the right defendant for your claim.

Once we identify who should be liable for your injuries, we will help you build a case. Our main goal is to get you the compensation you deserve for your losses.

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