Slip and fall in a restaurant

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Plaintiff Deposition Questions to Expect During a Slip and Fall Case in Atlanta, GA | Ponton Law

There are numerous reasons why a person may slip and fall in a restaurant. It may be due to untied shoelaces or, in some cases, due to a negligent premise’s owner. Some slip and fall accidents can have no person at fault, and as such, you will not have to file a claim against the owner.

However, if you have been injured in a slip and fall in a restaurant and feel it was due to the business’s negligent actions, you can be eligible for a premises liability claim. Our Atlanta, GA Slip and Fall Attorney at Ponton Law, will help you get your deserved compensation.

Common causes of slip and fall accidents in restaurants

How to Handle a Slip and fall on the Job | Ponton LawSlip and fall accidents in restaurants can result in serious injury, limiting your ability to engage in productive work. The accidents can happen in places and situations where you least expect them. At the restaurant slip and fall, accidents can be caused by:

  •   Poor lighting
  •   Torn carpet
  •   Wet floors
  •   Uneven flooring

These factors point to the fact that somebody must have been negligent in their work. In most cases, the injury claim in a slip and fall accident in restaurants is against the owners of the premises. You will have to prove that the party was negligent in their actions, and that resulted in your accident. Therefore, it is essential to call your slip and fall attorney who will assist you in protecting your rights.

What Slip and Fall Accidents Can Lead To

Many people don’t know that they are eligible for premises liability when they get injured in hotels. Slip and fall accidents can lead to severe injury, and you have the right to seek compensation. The accident can lead to:

  •   Embarrassment
  •   Herniated discs
  •   Paralysis
  •   Spinal cord injury
  •   Neck injury
  •   Whiplash
  •   Concussions
  •   Cervical dislocation
  •   Broken and fractured bones
  •   Cuts, lacerations, or bruises

Even though the bodily injuries may not be visible, you need to immediately seek medical attention and contact your slip and fall lawyer, who will offer assistance.

What to do after a slip and fall accident in an Atlanta restaurant?

Like many accident cases, your actions immediately after the incident will impact your efforts to seek compensation. At Ponton Law, we advise our clients to:

  •   Take as many photos of their injuries and the accident scene.
  •   Immediately report the incident to the owner, manager, or security personnel.
  •   Find witnesses at the scene and collect their contact information.
  •   Seek medical treatment for their injuries
  •   Contact their Atlanta, GA slip and fall lawyer.

What will the attorney do for your case?

The staff at Ponton Law will work to represent you in the strongest way possible. The attorney will work with our investigators to collect all the evidence that will prove the owner was negligent, resulting in your injury. The team will go to the scene of the accident and inspect the specific facts that point to the owner’s fault.

If you or a loved one is injured after falling in a restaurant, you should contact a slip and fall attorney. At Ponton Law, we will ensure that we build a strong case that will give you the best chance of getting full compensation. Contact Ponton Law after a slip and fall in a restaurant, and let us help you protect your rights. Call us at (404)-857-4124.