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What if a car accident aggravates an existing injury?

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What if a car accident aggravates an existing injury?

Car accidents are quickly becoming a health issue in the state of Georgia. Every year, car accidents have contributed to many avoidable injuries. They cause severe injuries that prove to be expensive to treat.

We at Ponton Law are here to help you out in seeking justice after a car accident. If you get any injury after a car accident, you deserve to be paid for the damages, and this is a guarantee in the Georgia law. However, what if you already had a previous injury? 

Getting Compensation

Car accidents prove to be complicated and can drag along if you have a more complicated case like a pre-existing health condition or injury. This will make the situation more extensive, and ironically, you may require more funds to sort out your medical bills.

Getting compensation may be difficult, and in most cases, the driver at fault will always use the underlying medical condition to reduce the amount of payment that you deserve. In some cases, you will be blamed for causing the accident, and the defendant may also plead with the court to be exempted from any future medical expenses since you’re already undergoing medication.

In all these instances, our trained and qualified Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer is ready to represent you if a car accident aggravates an injury. The efficient and experienced legal representatives at Ponton Law will work round the clock to prove the value of your pre-existing injury or underlying health condition.

What to do Immediately After a Car Accident

We have years of experience and are known to be the best personal injury law firm. We believe that every client that seeks our services demands the best that we can offer. That’s why we have the best and always give the best legal representation. We ensure that you’re compensated for and aggravation to your preexisting condition. Any injury is proved using medical records that are provided by the plaintiff, and because of this, we advise our clientele to do the following, immediately after the accident:

  • Assessing your Injuries and Seek immediate medical assistance

 You must get assistance right away to avoid making the injury worse.

They will help in filling up the medical report.

  • Call the Cops

They will help in the acquisition of a police report and assist you in getting the necessary attention.

  • Take Photos

Take pictures of your injury and any damage to personal property. The whole accident scene should be documented.

  • Witness Information

If you can, look for people who witnessed the accident and have them make a statement. The statement will be crucial when doing our investigation.

  • Contact your Insurer
  • Call Ponton Law

Atlanta Delivery Drivers | Ponton LawWe at Ponton Law have made it our life’s work to represent our clients. We ensure that they get the compensation they deserve, and they fully paid for any losses suffered. We offer our clientele free attorney advice. Moreover, our best and one recommendation to all our clients is always to contact your attorney first. The next time you want any legal help concerning car accidents, contact us today by calling our offices at (404)-860-2454 or by filling our online appointment form.