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What Is Failure to Yield?

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As a driver, you don’t always have the right of way. All drivers are obligated to obey the existing traffic laws to prevent accidents. Failure to yield the right of way leads to liability in case of an accident. Failure to yield accidents are different from other accidents. The injury victim is usually the one that drives into a car that won’t yield.

 What is Failure to Yield?

 It is purposefully ignoring other drivers’ right of way. It leads to crashes such as side-impact, side-swipes, and head-on collisions. If you have been in an accident, you must seek the help of an Atlanta car accident lawyer. They will help you seek the compensation you deserve. Failure to yield accidents are common in intersections and traffic lights. 

Common Causes of Failure to Yield Accidents

Intoxicated Drivers

If a driver is intoxicated, they may have impaired judgment and slow reaction. They may fail to yield when they should. They may be careless when driving through intersections or fail to see the existing signs. 

Faulty Vehicles

A faulty vehicle may be the cause of failure to yield accidents. All drivers must keep their vehicles in good working condition at all times. The slightest faults can lead to serious accidents. If, for example, a car has faulty brakes, it would be difficult for the driver to give right of way. 

Distracted Driving

A distracted driver may cause a failure to yield accident. Distracted driving involves checking emails, speaking with other passengers in the car, and chatting on the phone. 

Types of Failure to Yield Accidents

There are many types of failure to yield accidents. Some of them include;

  • Failure to yield to oncoming vehicles
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians
  • Failure to yield at traffic lights
  • Failure to yield when merging
  • Failure to yield to emergency vehicles

Unfortunately, failure to yield accidents can be fatal. When passengers are involved, the impact of an on-coming car can lead to serious injuries to the neck, spine, or head. Working with an Atlanta car accident lawyer is a good idea. If a driver that failed to give right of way injures you, you are eligible for compensation. You may get compensation for your medical bills, the cost of rehabilitation, and lost wages. 

If you lost a loved one in a failure to yield accident, you can file a claim for wrongful death. You will receive a settlement for the financial futures of the dependents of the deceased. 

Consider working with Ponton Law if you are looking for legal representation after a car accident. We will help you answer the question ‘what is failure to yield?’ and any other questions that you may have. Motor vehicle accidents are common and they can lead to severe injuries.  

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