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What to do in a fender bender with no damage

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What to do in a fender bender with no damage

Were you on your way to work, and felt a sudden blow in a morning of heavy traffic? The vehicle behind you barely hit your rear bumper. You both pulled over, but you were surprised that your car did not sustain any apparent damage. It does not even have a scratch. So, what should you do?

Knowing what to do in a fender bender with no damage can help you avoid unexpected troubles further on your journey. An Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer from Ponton Law can help you in finding out what to do.

Deposition Preparation for Atlanta Car Accident Case | Ponton LawAre you certain there is no damage?

Even if there is no apparent damage to your car, there might be minor damage that goes unnoticed. That also applies to injuries, as some soft-tissue injuries might take some time to show symptoms. So, if you go back to your car and continue driving without getting the contact information and insurance policy number of the other driver, you have given up your ability to file a claim if you realize bodily injuries or vehicle damage later.

What types of damages can go unnoticed after a fender bender?

The type of damage depends on the nature of the accident, the type of car, the condition of the vehicle, and other factors. Here are some examples:

  • Alignment: The bumpers of your car are designed to absorb shock during a collision. However, even without apparent damages, your car could still be misaligned. This is not common in fender benders, but it is still possible.
  • Computer diagnostics delay: Your vehicle’s computer diagnostics might take longer to check the vehicle and inform any internal damages. If you think that there is no damage but see that the engine light is on, ensure you get it diagnosed before concluding your vehicle’s condition.
  • Reduced battery life: The impact of an accident can sometimes loosen your battery, shaking up the contents in the battery or causing a short circuit in the battery plates, thus reducing battery life.
  • Leaks: It is possible that a fender bender with no visible damage to result in a leaky radiator, oil pan, or other car parts that hold fluids. All these take a small break to cause potentially serious damages.

Legal Evidence That Improves Your Chances of Compensation as a Car Crash Victim | Ponton LawGiven these types of unseen damage that your car might sustain in a fender bender, it is essential that you get the personal information of the other driver and the car plate number as a precaution. It is also a good idea to take notes and pictures about the incident; you are not whether you or the other driver will require filing a claim after some time.

Need assistance figuring out what to do? Ask for legal assistance

If you were involved in an auto accident, that you believe there was no damage, you would still need to exchange information with the other driver and take notes about the accident. If you notice that you sustained an injury or your vehicle was damaged on a later date, you will be prepared. The process of filing a car accident claim is usually straightforward.

However, sometimes you will need legal counsel. Get started with your claim by having our car accident attorneys review your case. Contact us today at (404)-850-9516 to ensure that your rights are protected.