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What to do when someone is claiming a false injury in a car accident

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It is a well-known fact that many people file fraudulent injury claims after a car accident. They do this to earn money from insurance companies falsely. If you have been involved in a road crash and suspect the other party is making up false injury claims, you may be required to hire an attorney to represent you. If you don’t know what to do when someone is claiming a false injury in a car accident, our Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer at Ponton Law can help you expose the other party.

Even though your insurance company will be the one paying for compensation for the alleged injury, it could lead to you paying higher premiums or, in some cases, cancellation of your policy. To prevent such instances, you will need to hire an experienced lawyer to help you get justice. 

At Ponton Law, we have an experienced car accident lawyer who has the necessary resources to help you settle the matter. James Ponton works with passion and ensures that people making false injury claims against you are brought to book. He will help clear the claim against you and keep your road safety record intact.

What to do after the crash?

When you are involved in a car accident and suspect that the other party is seeking to earn money from the crash falsely, here is some expert advice that will help you.

  • Call the police

Calling 911 should be the first thing that you should do if you are in a car accident. After the police arrive at the accident scene, you will then file a police report. Police reports can be beneficial if the insurance company asks for evidence of the crash. The police will also help in identifying any injured victims at the scene of the accident. Therefore, they will ascertain whether the person making the false injury claim was injured in the crash.

  • Take pictures and collect as much evidence

When still at the scene of the accident, you can gather valuable evidence with only your phone at hand. Take pictures of the alleged injury, and the crashed vehicles, and the scene. Many people who are caught claiming a false injury, usually cause accidents to get a settlement.

The pictures will help when investigating the accident. Our lawyers at the firm will carry out a thorough investigation, and the images can go a long way in figuring out whether the person caused the accident intentionally.

  • Gather eye witness testimonies

Look for witnesses to the accident who you feel can offer truthful accounts of the incident. Find as many drivers and pedestrians who had a clear view of the accident. Make sure also to collect their contact information while documenting their statements.

  • Call your car accident lawyer

After collecting the necessary information at the accident scene, it will be best to call your Atlanta car accident lawyer. The evidence you will have collected will help our dedicated staff investigate the accident, and bring the truth to light.

You don’t need to face the insurance companies alone if you suspect a false injury claim. Our firm will work until you get your justice and the dishonest party brought to book. Let us help you get a false injury claim against you dismissed, in court or out of court. Call us at (404)-860-2454.