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3 Car Fender Bender in Atlanta, Who Is at Fault?

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Chain Reaction

A multiple car fender bender also known as a ‘chain reaction’ traffic accident occurs when three or more vehicles collide in a series of back-end accidents caused mainly by the first collision.

A chain reaction accident may include one or more drivers acting recklessly which makes it very difficult to file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. However, an Atlanta Car accident attorneys could really help with the matter.

A plethora of issues arises when establishing “3 car fender bender who is at fault?” Read on to find out more about these issues.

Establishing Fault

When filing a lawsuit against another driver after a chain reaction accident, you have to prove liability under a legal doctrine known as ‘negligence.’ Determining negligence in a 3 car fender bender involves finding out which driver’s recklessness was the cause of the accident. If multiple drivers were negligent, you will need to determine each driver’s share of the liability.

The one rule that is ubiquitously present when evaluating fault in chain reaction accidents is that drivers must leave a safe distance between their vehicle and the vehicle ahead of them at all times. The distance is meant to allow drivers enough time to stop and avoid unexpected dangers on the road such as a driver slamming on their emergency brakes leading to 3 car fender benders. A driver who does not keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of him/her and hits the lead car’s fender will frequently be found guilty of negligent driving.

Who Is Responsible?

If your car was jolted and forced into the car ahead of you as a result of being hit from behind, you will need to establish the process of events that led to the incident.

In such a scenario, the driver that hit the car in front of them causing it to hit the car in front of them will be at fault for the accident. Simply stated, the driver that hit the lead car without being hit from behind will be responsible. Hence the driver is liable for paying compensation for damages to both drivers that were ahead of him or her in a 3 car fender bender.

Regardless of how a chain reaction accident plays out, there are a number of sources that assist to determine the order of impacts and the careless driver. These sources include:

  • eyewitness accounts (includes passengers in all the vehicles, drivers, and pedestrians)
  • police reports associated with the incident
  • vehicle damage
  • physical evidence gathered at the scene of the accident

Receiving Legal Assistance

Handling the vehicle insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit in a chain reaction accident is not prudent especially when you have substantial injuries or the other parties are trying to pin the accident on you. There are many intricate details involved in a “3 car fender bender who is at fault?” which may be used to deny you well deserved compensation.

You should ensure that your case is in capable hands among Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys. Call Ponton Law at (404)-857-4124 and you can rest assured that you will receive the best legal help in Atlanta.