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Common Car Accident Injuries in Atlanta

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No matter what precautions you take, you can not entirely annihilate the possibility of getting involved in a motor accident. In the event that you get injured in one, you may sustain different types of injuries.

The nature of the injuries often depends on a number of things, including the impact of the crash, whether or not the driver and passengers had seatbelts or not, if the car had airbags or not and the direction in which car was hit.

Some of the most common types of car accident injuries are back injuries, which may involve injury to the spinal code and cause paralysis. Another severe kind of injury is the neck injury. This type of injury is mostly caused by high-speed collisions. Chest injuries can result in broken ribs and trauma to the internal organs.

Head injuries may have a lasting effect on those who suffer them. A concussion in a crash can be assumed to have healed, but later, you might suffer memory lapses, feel dizzy and a range of other symptoms that may interfere with the quality of your life. Other common injuries are burns, lacerations, cuts, bruises, and broken bones.

New drivers enter our roads every other day, yet not all of them exercise responsibility on the road. You or a loved one may end up being a victim of irresponsible driving. If this happens, Ponton Law is here is to see to it that justice is served and you are compensated. If you ever need an Atlanta car accident attorney to handle all the legal issues that are involved in pursuing a claim, you can trust us to do the job exceptionally.

Treatment for injuries sustained in accidents cost money. Away from the treatment in the hospital, you might require rehabilitation, physiotherapy, further surgeries, and medicine to keep you going. You cannot worry about all this while at the same time pursue claims. That is where an Atlanta car accident attorney assigned to you by us will come in. They will take over these proceedings and let you focus on getting your health back.

Other times, it might not be immediately clear to you that you need treatment after a crash. Later on, you might develop symptoms and only tie them to the accident you had after time has passed. Insurance companies are notorious for denying such claims or delaying them so much that they end up frustrating you instead of helping you. That is why it is essential to contact an Atlanta car accident attorney the moment you get involved in an accident. We will help you document your injuries and show cause for compensation.

After an accident, your life or that of your loved one may change forever. They might be unable to get back to their jobs or be confined to wheelchairs. At Ponton Law, our Atlanta car accident attorneys ensure that you get all that is owed to you in terms of settlements. Are you doubting whether the accident you are involved in is liable for a claim? Worry no more. Call one of our professional, highly skilled Atlanta car accident attorneys will do all the worrying for you.