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Common Types of Late Appearing Car Accident Injuries in Atlanta

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Immediately after a car crash, victims generally have an idea of the injuries they sustained. That could lead them to settle their claim fast, in hopes of getting compensation, so they can move on with their lives.

However, some injuries resulting from a car accident do not reveal themselves until a few weeks or months later. That could potentially delay healing and hit one with unexpected medical expenses. The person might have to miss some time from work.

Moreover, if the victim had already settled their case, they might be limited in pursuing extra compensation to cover the new expenses. They’ll usually be unable to recover compensation for the additional medical costs or lost earnings.

Here are the most common types of late appearing car accident injuries:

1.      Concussion

At times, the collision’s impact can jolt a victim’s body and cause them to violently hit their head on an object. That can cause one to suffer a concussion, which is a dangerous brain injury that might not showcase symptoms immediately. Late-appearing symptoms of this injury include trouble focusing, blurred vision, headaches, lethargy, and nausea. Anyone who experiences such symptoms after a car crash should seek medical help as soon as possible.

2.      Whiplash

It’s a soft-tissue injury that happens upon impact when a person’s head is forcefully moved back-and-forth. An undiagnosed and untreated whiplash injury could result in worsening pain in the shoulder and neck. The pain could lead to severe discomfort and limit one’s mobility. Whiplash injuries can be treated through physical therapy and prescription medicines.

3.      Numbness

Feeling numb or tingling in the limbs might be an indication of a herniated disk. The damaged disk can press on the spinal nerve and cause symptoms that affect the injury site and the limbs too. Without proper treatment, a herniated disk will become worse. Getting early treatment in the form of physical therapy can help to avert the need for future surgeries.

4.      Abdominal Pain

Pain or swelling in the abdomen may be an indicator of internal bleeding. Other signs include deep bruising, headaches, dizziness and fainting. If internal bleeding is left untreated, it can be life-threatening. It’s essential to seek medical care immediately if any of those symptoms arise after a collision.

5.      Back Ache

Back pain is also one of the most common late-appearing car accident injuries. It serves as an indication of various types of back injuries like damage to the nerves, muscles or vertebrae. Stiffness and limited motion range are the early signs of back injuries. Back ache follows afterwards and might worsen, making it hard for one to lead a normal life.

It’s vital to seek help from a medical professional immediately after a car accident to diagnose such injuries early. Victims should always document their treatment and should not accept a settlement too fast. That’s because late-appearing injuries might have ongoing and increasing medical bills. An Atlanta Car Accident lawyer can help a victim to build their case to ensure they get the compensation they deserve.

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