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Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accident Injuries?

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If you have been involved in an auto accident, your first priority should be your health. You should seek medical care before you do anything else. Unfortunately, everything that follows after that, i.e., paying your medical bills, may become a bit complicated. If you are wondering, does health insurance cover car accident injuries? Read on for more information.

The exact responsibility a specific party or insurance provider carries depends on several factors, such as:

  •         Presence of a deductible
  •         Co-pay on the policy
  •         Who was at fault for the auto accident?
  •         The types of auto insurance coverage in play

Ultimately, most medical insurance plans will cover car wreck injury expenses, at least up to specific point. However, your health insurance provider may not be on the financial hook in the end. Here, we look at some primary issues related to medical insurance and auto accident injuries.

Deductible, Co-Pay and Car Accident Medical Bills

Most of the time, car accident medical bills will follow a set pattern of payment liability. The first stage will involve any present co-pays or deductibles on the insurance plan in question. When receiving medical care for your accident injuries, you’ll follow the same protocol you use for other health issues. That means you’ll need to pay the typical deductible or co-pay stated in your medical plan.

Medical facilities and ambulances might not demand upfront payment from accident victims. Rather, they might provide the service first, and then work with the patient and possible insurance firms about the payment later.

If an ambulance takes you to the hospital, you might receive a hefty bill a few weeks later from the ambulance firm. The bill will typically have a section asking about your health insurance status. If you do have medical coverage, simply provide the policy information on the appropriate space and mail the bill back without paying. The ambulance company will then communicate with your health carrier to receive payment.

Car Insurance Policies Pay First

The first payment for a car accident injury are supposed to be charged against a car insurance policy. Most states require drivers to have basic liability auto insurance coverage. The coverage amount varies, but medical expenses should be paid up to the policy limits of the at-fault motorist. Given that your health insurance provider paid for your medical costs first, they’ll make a claim against the at-fault driver’s auto insurer.

The Role of Your Health Insurance Coverage

Overall, your medical insurance plan will hold ultimate financial responsibility for treatment after all other payment channels are exhausted. However, depending on the terms of your policy, you might still have to pay for the following as the injured party:

  •         Your deductible amount under your health medical insurance plan
  •         Possible co-payments that are needed under your health insurance policy
  •         Any charges that aren’t normally covered by the insurance policy

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