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Estimating Compensation in a Car Accident Injury in Atlanta

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Motor vehicle accidents have become more common in recent years than ever before. Statistics from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in the state of Georgia revealed that there were 385,221 crashes in 2015; one-thousand-four-hundred-and-thirty of these were fatal. Therefore, it is evident that car accidents have now become a public health issue. You are entitled to receive compensation if you have suffered injuries due to an accident caused by the negligence of another party. Get in touch with an Atlanta car accident attorney to help you file and win a lawsuit.

If you are a victim, you might be asking yourself, “how much is my car accident injury worth.” Here is how you can calculate compensation after a car accident:

What damages are covered by car accident compensation?

Most car accidents are severe and can leave a permanent mark on your life that money cannot erase. However, compensation will protect you, financially, and help you regain full quality of life. According to the law, compensation can cover:

  • Lost wages: If you have spent time off work recovering from the injuries suffered, the law ensures you are fully compensated for all the hours you missed your salary. This is also the case if you get fired for missing work.
  • Loss or reduced earning ability: Some injuries cause temporary or permanent disability that prevents you from going back to your job or position. In such a case, the court will ensure you are paid to sort you for the rest of your life if it is permanent.
  • All medical expenses: The coverage of all medical costs means that you will be compensated for what you have spent seeking treatment and what you might pay in the future. This includes diagnosis fees, medicine, ambulance costs, hospital stays, and all other medical expenses. The law will also consider conditions that require lifetime management.
  • Property damage: This compensation will cover automotive damage and the cost of any other property that was in the car. It is usually to cater for repairs or replacement if the damage is extensive.

All the damages above can be measured in monetary terms for compensation. Other general damages are difficult to quantify monetarily. These are usually damages associated with pain and suffering, missed work opportunities, emotional distress, psychological conditions, and diminished quality of life. 

The law uses a multiplier to estimate these general damages. More severe injuries that are painful and long-lasting will attract a larger multiplier. On the other hand, the mild ones that are easier to recover from have a smaller multiplier.

What can affect compensation?

The special damages will be added together with the result after using the multiplier for the general damages. However, if you had something to do with the accident, it will affect your compensation, and they might have to reduce it by the percentage of your participation.

To ensure you get the proper compensation, it is advised that you use a lawyer when filing for a lawsuit. Experts at Ponton Law represent you all the way and handle every negotiation and calculation until you receive a full settlement. You will only be required to pay after winning the case. Call their offices at 404-860-2454 for a free consultation.  

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