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FAQ: How Long Do Slip-And-Fall Settlements Take?

Although a majority of slip-and-fall cases get settled before the trial starts, some still end up in the courts. That is why it is important for victims in slip and fall incidents to be aware of how long they should expect a case to last prior to reaching a resolution.

Though the actual time a case takes depends on several variables, having an overall understanding of the procedure will ensure that you are ready. An Atlanta Slip-and-Fall Attorney can help determine if your particular case is the kind that will get to court, and what aspects can potentially prolong the case.

Slip-and-Fall Settlements Can Take Several Months or Several Years

The time taken to settle a slip-and-fall case from start to end can range from several months to several years depending on the actual circumstances of the case.

As a victim in a slip-and-fall case, you have some control over the amount of time required to resolve the issue. There are some steps you can take to shorten the process, but there are several things you should put into consideration as you make decisions throughout the proceedings.

What to Do After the Accident (Can Take a Few Days or a Few Weeks)

After the accident has occurred, you need to seek urgent medical care immediately and start your care plan. It is also important for you to preserve any available evidence at the accident scene and take pictures of the scene and nearby areas.

Get the contact details of the people who witnessed the accident and the medical personnel who treated you. Moreover, take a formal report to the representatives of the company if your accident occurred at business premises. It is never too early to seek the services of an Atlanta Slip-and-Fall Attorney. They can assist you in taking the correct measures to preserve the evidence.

What Happens Next?

  • Filing the complaint (1 month or more).
  • Reply to the complaint (about one month).
  • Demand letter (a few weeks).
  • Pretrial discovery and case preparation (several months).
  • Settlement talks and pretrial motions (a few months).
  • Trial (several months).
  • Collecting your judgment and appeals (a couple of weeks).

What Makes a Case Last for a Long Time?

A complicated case tends to take more time. When it is not totally clear who is to blame, a case can take longer while the involved parties try to sort it out. Moreover, if there are legal problems that might impact the case’s outcome, it may take more time while the parties make court motions and await the court to make a decision.

As a victim, you can make the case last longer or take a shorter time by rejecting or accepting a settlement offer.

How an Atlanta Slip-and-Fall Attorney Can Help

An Atlanta Slip-and-Fall Attorney understands that you want a fast settlement so that you can continue with your recovery. They will work for hand in hand with you to form a strategy to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. They will give you expert advice on the aspects that can prolong the process.

Your lawyer will also accurately prepare the case with all the important evidence that can help to allow for a smooth case. Though it might appear overwhelming when you’re undergoing a slip and fall settlement, an attorney can help you get the compensation you need quickly to go back to your normal life.

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