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FAQ: What Can I Do If My Loved One Died in a Car Accident?

There is nothing as painful as losing a loved one. The pain is intensely personal that no other person can imagine it. Accidents rob us the love, the relationships and the good times we would have wished to spend with our loved ones. The pain felt may leave us with such intense grief that may paralyze our operations of daily activities. Therefore, we all need some help to help us recover our will and strength to live. It is therefore important to understand how to deal with a wrongful death of a relative during such times of grief, to ensure we get the most deserved justice for our loved one. Call James Ponton, Atlanta car accident attorney, to advocate for you after an injury or death.

Seek Support

Cases that involve death can be complex and require the help of an expert to ensure that the case is handled with the expertise it requires. Normally, party at fault will employ the help of law gurus to ensure that they incur the least cost and sentence as pertains to the case. Therefore, ensure that you enlist the services of a law firm that specializes in wrongful death cases.

Seek Witness Contacts and Information

The police who arrive at the scene of the accident have to evaluate the nature of the accident and come up with a report. However, it is important to gather as much information as possible that will serve as back up information during the follow up of the case. Witness accounts help to build a case and ensure that you get the deserved justice for your relative.

No Interview Policy

The company that represents the party at fault in the accident may try to contact you and ask for information. Insurance company agents are trained to talk to you in such cases and retrieve as much information as possible that would help reduce the litigation costs associated with the case. They would try to retrieve information that they would use against you in a court of law. The best response would be to refer them to your law firm to deal with any engagements that they may wish to have with you. The insurance company mourns their losses as you mourn your loved one.

No Contract Signing

The insurance agents who work on such cases are highly trained to convince you as the grieving party to enter into agreements with them. The agreements try to reduce their litigation costs as much as possible from the loss of your loved one. Entry into any contract, which they require for you to sign to ascertain that an agreement was made, serve as a trap to rob you of the justice you deserve for both your lost loved one and as a closure to the grief that you are going through. Avoid such pitfalls at all costs and work with your law firm, and trust them to deliver the justice that befits you and your departed loved one.