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Headache after Car Accident?

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Car accidents have been deemed to be among the major causes of persistent headache lasting for over 30 days. Impact after a car accident on the head might seem minor but may certainly lead to a complication. People involved in an accident within Atlanta are advised to talk to our Atlanta car accident attorney at Ponton Law, who is a personal injury attorney in Atlanta. You can visit the offices at 2002 Summit Blvd NE #300, Atlanta, GA. The attorney addresses issues on, how frequent the headaches are, possible complications, and the treatment plan.

How Frequent are the Headaches?

Headaches after an accident occur as a result of hitting the head on a hard surface or a whiplash. The headache normally starts about an hour after the accident and persists for a period of time. If the headache prolongs for more than one month, each headache period lasting more than fifteen minutes, it is termed chronic. Headaches may also be moderate occurring less frequently and relieved by resting and painkillers. Chronic headaches render one unable to carry out daily activities as it is persistent and not relieved by medication. In such a case it is termed a migraine and requires immediate medical attention.

What are the Possible Complications?

Headaches are normal after a car accident and are referred to as post-traumatic headaches. However, in a case where the headache prolongs and goes untreated, the individual may have further complications namely; permanent brain damage, paraplegia, mental retardation, disorientation, back pains and recurring post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Headaches are the first sign of injury and if ignored, the above complications set in. After an accident, the head may bleed internally, and if not taken care of immediately, permanent brain damage occurs, and one may go into a coma. Trust the Atlanta car accident attorney experts as we are ready and more than willing to treat an auto accident victim’s post-traumatic head, and post-concussion syndrome

What is the Recommended Treatment Plan?

Visiting the doctor should always be the number one plan after an accident to determine the level of injury and impact on the head. The victim can also call agencies and attorneys’ for example, the Atlanta car accident attorney, to get detailed information on a treatment plan. As in most cases, headache onset is not immediate; the individual should visit a medical facility immediately after onset for a check-up. Victims go through diagnostic tests to determine the level of injury and to visualize the brain for possible internal injuries. To relieve the pain, the victim is put on painkillers to enhance comfort. Treatment should be encouraged to avoid complications following an accident.


At Ponton Law, the Atlanta car accident attorney will help you go through all the details regarding post-traumatic headaches and recommend the best treatment for you. Our experienced experts will answer all your questions conclusively, and you can schedule a meeting too. Do not wonder anymore because the Atlanta car accident attorney is here for you, to serve, deliver, and ensure a safe sail towards recovery.