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How does subrogation work in a personal injury case?

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If you have ever had an accident or probably you once had interests in a personal injury case, then you might have come across terms such as subrogation. You will realize that some accidents might have a person to blame, either a company or an individual. So if the injured person had an insurance cover, the insurance company would want to follow up with the person responsible for the accidents so that they can reimburse some funs the insurance has paid. This article is about subrogation and how it works in a personal injury case.

Subrogation definition

So what is the meaning of subrogation? Subrogation can be defined as the substitution of an individual or a group by another in relation to a debt or an insurance claim. Basically, it means an individual or a party takes charge on behalf of another while accompanied by the transfer of all duties and rights. In a personal injury case, subrogation might apply to both health insurance and car insurance benefits.

How subrogation works

Georgia car accident lawyers are always hired during personal injury cases. This is because the matters are complicated and not many people will comprehend how subrogation works. When you have been injured in an accident, your doctor is supposed to outline the medical care you have been given. Your insurance company will then send a form requesting you to provide additional information to help them determine whether there is somebody else that is responsible for your health care. The form will be processed, and after that, your insurance will inform you if it has purposed to seek subrogation interest. Since you are required to cooperate fully, it is important to hire a Georgia car accident lawyer to undertake the process. Successful subrogation means you are entitled to either partial or full refund. A Georgia car accident lawyer will ensure you get your rightful share.

Effects of Subrogation to your Personal Injury Claim

Sometimes your at-fault driver might offer you a settlement through his insurance company, and then your insurer tries to add a subrogation clause waiver hence prohibiting your insurance company from being reimbursed the claims that have been paid before. The result is that you are not paid your claim by your insurance company which is very unfair. Georgia car accident lawyer will be very resourceful in protecting you from such mishandling.

The Bottom Line

Injuries resulting from a car accident are inevitable. Since most people have insured themselves against such damages, the insurance company is always responsible for the health bill. When a third party is involved in such accidents, then the responsible insurance company might pursue subrogation interests. At that point, the case becomes complicated and very few people can track their expenses and payments that are being made. It is therefore wise to always seek assistance from our Atlanta car accident lawyers to ensure justice is served. To find out more, you can always contact an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney.