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How Much Can You Get If You Sue for a Fall to the Floor?

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How much can you get if you sue for a fall to the floor? Atlanta slip and fall attorneys offer relief for many people with severe injuries because of someone else’s negligence. Taking legal action ensures the victim gets their compensation that covers property damage, lost wages, medical expenses, suffering. Besides, the lawsuit ensures the negligent party is held accountable for reckless behavior. 

How Much Is a Fall to the Floor Worth?

It depends on the case. Each venue can have a different outcome. However, there are common considerations to ensure you get a worthy claim. 

Medical Expenses

The compensation factors in your medical expenses both present and future. Your treatment for the fall to the floor accident is detrimental in filing a strong case and receiving a sizable compensation. Damages are calculated from the medical expenses bill amount.

The health provider agrees for full payment. Often, hospitals accept less than the billed amount. Besides, you are entitled to recover compensation for your pain and suffering. 

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering value is less predictable and is calculated as what might be. There are no fast and hard rules for making this calculation. However, the attorney uses the amount for your medical expenses as a starting point. It all depends on the permanency or severity of the injuries.

The insurance company adjusters together with your attorney evaluate the claim and determine the best multiplier to use alongside the medical expenses. For instance, if you fall to the floor and break several bones, and possibly may walk with one limb for the rest of your life, you can get a claim value 5-times higher than your medical expenses for your pain and suffering.  

Lost Wages

Probably you missed work because of the injuries. You are entitled to receive compensation equivalent to the value of your wages for that period.

However, you need to verify your earnings and the time off work with your pay stubs or tax returns. Plus, the employer has to verify in writing the time you missed work due to sustained injuries. The employer also verifies your wage rate or salary.

Loss of Earning

In case the injuries are severe that you can’t continue performing any kind of work as you did prior to the personal injury, you will receive a full claim amount for lost earning capacity in compensation. However, an expert will have to testify in support of this claim after making a full evaluation of your:

  • occupation
  • personal injuries
  • prospects of continuing future work  

A slip and fall attorney argues the case. If you successfully establish to the court that you are unable to continue working due to your injuries, the property owner has to compensate you for lost earning capacity in two ways: 

  • Paying for your training in a different field.
  • Giving you a lump sum compensation for the lost earning capacity. 

Incidental Expenses

In most cases, people incur more expenses due to their injuries. For instance, you may spend on gas every month traveling for your doctor’s appointment.

It’s possible to recover the expenses on top of the discussed compensations. However, you must prove that there is a rational connection between the injury and the expenses. 

Why Choose a Slip and Fall Attorney for Your Injury?

If you fall to the floor in a public place or at work and get hurt, it’s good to get personal injury compensation Atlanta slip and fall attorneys to guide you on actions to take and will be there every step of the way. Contact the Ponton Law firm at (404)-902-3154 to learn more.