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How Truck Accidents Are Different from Other Car Accidents

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Globally truck accident has been known with its severe consequences as compared to the average cars. The fact that the commercial trucks are heavy and large increases the possibility of causing catastrophic damages to properties, severe injuries and even death. The commercial trucking accident has massive destruction since they weigh approximately 80,000 pounds as compared to an average car that weighs about 3,700 pounds. Nearly 4,321 people have died, and about 77,000 people were left with severe injuries based on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration statistics. Furthermore, the property damages claims based on this statistic is more than 250,000. If you or a loved one was involved in an accident involving a semi, consult our Atlanta car accident attorney.

Complexity of Truck Accident Cases

Another distinctive difference is the investigation complexity. The track accident investigation involves various parties such as detectives, tracking companies as well as insurance companies; thus, making it more involving and costly. As a matter of fact, the insurance coverage of the commercial track is very high as compared to average cars due to its massive and severe damages and injuries caused in case of an accident. Furthermore, the remedies associated with the truck accident is very high and time-consuming because it is not usually easy to set the way things were before the accident.

Causes of Truck Accidents

The Track malfunctions, over speeding, overloading and driver fatigue are the major causes of the truck accident. Lack of proper track maintenance results in various defects. The tire defects, as well as the brakes, may fail to function properly leading to the vital accident. Also, carrying massive weight exceeding the required standard interferes with the track balance and even reduces the breaks efficiency resulting in a head-on collision and even the rollover accidents. Furthermore, the truck accident is also caused by the drivers’ negligence to traffic rules. The driver drives when drunk, fails to obey the red traffic lights and even ignore the speed limit placed for each specific location.

Truck Accident Liability

As has been seen, a truck accident can be caused by equipment failure. Although this might not be the driver’s fault, he or she may be held liable. This is because it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the track is in good condition before driving. Therefore, he or she is supposed to conduct a pre-trip inspection to confirm the proper function of all truck system. Also, the trucking company may be held liable if proven that the truck maintenance was not done properly resulting in a trucking accident.

Compensation of the Damages Caused by Truck Accident

Regardless of what caused the truck accident, the victims are entitled to full compensation provided was not due to their own fault. All the damaged property must be repaired or be replaced with new ones to the same state it was before. Also, the medical bills incurred as well as any other financial losses associated with track accident must be compensated in full as per the law. Contact an Atlanta truck accident attorney to get help.