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Internal Injuries From Car Accident

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Serious health issues may affect you after being involved in a car accident. When it comes to auto accidents, personal injuries are inevitable. The impact of the accident greatly determines the severity of a personal injury. Internal injuries may not manifest immediately after an accident. This may complicate matters when seeking compensation since you will be required to show the connection between your injuries and a past accident. This is where an Atlanta car accident lawyer comes in handy to ensure you get compensated. Below are the symptoms to be on the lookout for internal injuries:


When you sustain a personal injury from a car accident, your body will be in pain. It does not matter whether you have already taken pain relievers. Pay attention to abdominal pain or tenderness, head pain, neck or joint pain. Any slight pain could be an indicator of a serious health issue, which is why it is imperative to seek medical attention. What may seem mild at first may worsen as time progresses. It is advisable to address a medical issue at the earliest when it is easier to manage.


After you have sustained a personal injury in an auto accident, you may start to feel nauseous and drowsy due to blood loss. Sometimes, you may begin to vomit or have a runny stomach due to an internal injury. The presence of blood in your vomit may be an indication of an internal injury.


Bruises are common indicators of internal injuries after a car accident. If you notice an area with dark purple color on the skin, then this could be an indicator of internal bleeding. It does not matter whether it appears small or big. Only a doctor can rule out any possibilities of internal bleeding.


Naturally, your body will react to any foreign material getting inside it. Similarly, your body could go into shock if you start to lose a lot of blood within a short time. You may begin feeling like your heart is racing fast, fatigue, light-headedness, or lethargy. Remember, your body may instantly go into shock regardless of the location of the internal injury, provided there is a lot of blood loss.

Consult an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

An internal injury can pose a significant threat to your health, which is why it is expensive to treat. At Ponton Law, we understand the pain and suffering you have to endure with an internal injury. We endeavor to ensure that the at-fault party caters to your medical costs so that you can focus on healing without financial strains.  Our dedicated lawyers continue to help car accident victims get quality medical care and legal representation. We offer a free no-obligation consultation to our clients and you can count on us to be on your side when you most require a legal mind. If you or your loved one has sustained an internal injury, call us today to get a qualified car accident attorney for your case.