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Slip and Fall at School

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When you take your kid to school, you should have confidence that he or she will be protected. Sadly, youngsters slip and fall at school all the time. Slip-and-fall incidents can result in spinal injuries, shattered bones, traumatic brain injuries, and other catastrophic injuries in children. Most of these injuries will demand a kid to visit the emergency department, whereas others necessitate intensive hospital care. In turn, these injuries result in unexpected damages.

Suppose your kid slips and falls due to somebody at school-be it the premises owner or manager- being irresponsible. In that case, you should always consult with an expert slip-and-fall attorney to discuss your legal rights and options.

What Are The Common Causes Of School Slips and Falls?

Like any other enterprise or premises, schools have a responsibility to keep the buildings safe and free of harmful circumstances or possible risks. If there is a possible danger, like a damp floor, the school must notify students with clear signage.

Notwithstanding these legal obligations, children often slip and fall for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Failure to clean up spilled liquids
  • Obstructive debris or other items on the hallway or classroom flooring
  • Slippery steps or flooring
  • Poor maintenance of steps, floors, and railings
  • Electrical wires that are not adequately protected

Filing a legal claim against a school might be difficult since school districts have teams of insurance agents and lawyers who are often willing to battle to escape responsibility. In addition, because public schools are sometimes regarded as an appendage of local government, they might well be exempt from personal injury suits.

Nevertheless, this does not automatically preclude compensation. Thus, you must always follow the assistance of a lawyer who has handled matters involving government agencies like schools.

What Documents Do You Require To Demonstrate Your Slip-And-Fall Case?

To bring a solid claim against the school, you will require responses to the following queries:

  • Did the school foster a hazardous situation, which resulted in the mishap?
  • Did the premises require to be repaired or maintained at the time of the crash?
  • Was the premises owner conscious of the danger which resulted in the incident?
  • Did the premises owner disregard or neglect to notify others about the hazardous conditions?

Also, keep in mind that proof is critical in a slip-and-fall injury claim. To substantiate your case, you will require witness testimony, photos of the site, medical and police records.

Contact Ponton Law Firm

Do not hesitate to contact an attorney if your or your beloved sustained significant injuries in a slip and fall at school. The responsible party should reimburse your kid for any injury-related damages.

Ponton Law Firm’s seasoned personal injury lawyers understand how to manage cases against schools and will aggressively battle to ensure you obtain the best possible claim result. Call at (404)- 418- 8507 to discuss your next action steps with an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney. They operate on a contingency fee basis; payment is after they win the case for you.

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