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Slip-and-Fall Demand Letter

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At some juncture during your slip-and-fall claim, you and your attorney will submit a demand letter to the opposing party, who might be the owner of the premises where the incident occurred, the premises owner’s liability insurer, or a lawyer advocating for the responsible party. For more information regarding a slip-and-fall demand letter, contact Ponton Law Firm.

What Should A Demand Letter In A Slip-and-Fall Case Contain?

A demand letter is the informal beginning of the personal injury compensation negotiating process. Besides, it is your initial meaningful opportunity to explain your version of the slip-and-fall claim. That is, you will include:

  • A complete explanation of how the slip-and-fall incident occurred, including your exact location, what you were engaging in, what you felt and saw, as well as a full definition of the danger, which prompted you to slip and fall
  • A summary of the type and degree of your injuries, as well as all hospital care related to your slip-and-fall incident, including emergency department care to appointments with any providers, and any rehabilitative care or physical therapy you obtained
  • A list of all lost revenue or other economic losses as a result of the slip-and-fall incident (like hours of missed work due to doctor visits)
  • A detailed explanation of all other damages caused by the slip and fall, such as your suffering and pain
  • Any witnesses to the slip-and-fall incident or persons with knowledge of previous accidents or other risks linked with the premises (you may even want to recognize the witnesses via name and give a breakdown of any written statements you have obtained from them)
  • A demand for a particular reimbursement sum (in monetary terms), which you might take to settle the slip-and-fall claim and remove the other party from any accountability

What Documents Should Support Your Demand Letter?

Include any paperwork that backs up your case and the information you have provided. This incorporates any of the following records, which could be pertinent (and others that come to mind):

  •   Images of the incident scene, slip/fall danger, and your injuries
  •   Written testimonies from witnesses to the incident or who are aware of harmful conditions on the premises
  •   All physicians and other healthcare specialists’ health records and expenses
  •   Paperwork from your workplace demonstrating your earnings and the number of work hours you lost

Expert Legal Counsel Always Available

The most challenging aspect of pursuing your slip-and-fall case is haggling with the insurance adjuster. Often, following several rounds of back-and-forth with the adjuster, you can reach a reasonable settlement, but other times, the negotiation procedure fails.

Perhaps the adjuster fails to pay all of your costs or missed wages, or you might be saddled with a sluggish adjuster who allows your case to linger. Whatever the reason for the delay in your settlement, you have the right to consult with a personal injury attorney about your case. Call at (404) 418-8507 to schedule a consultation with a seasoned Atlanta car accident attorney at Ponton Law today.

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