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Slip-and-Fall Expert

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Even though the name “slip and fall” suggests a trivial occurrence, these premise liability incidents are frequently severe, leading to life-altering health problems, including spinal cord injury, shattered bones, and traumatic brain injuries. Even worse, it may be difficult to hold a company or premises owner accountable for the reimbursement you deserve for your damages.

Based on the circumstances, you may require an expert witness to address any problems with the property owner’s insurance company or testify at your court trial. An expert witness is an individual who is competent, depending on his education, training, and experience, to offer a view regarding a specific fact, as the explanation of your slip-and-fall mishap.

What Experts Can Assist You In Your Slip-and-Fall Case?

One of the numerous advantages of hiring an experienced premises liability attorney is that he can assist you in identifying experts who can assist you in winning your case. You may require numerous kinds of experts, and your lawyer is apt to have a community of knowledgeable specialists to whom you can resort. Among the most common slip-and-fall experts are:

  •   Expert in building codes

An engineer, building inspector, or another expert competent in local building rules may be required to demonstrate that a building code breach largely contributed to or caused your slip and fall.

  •   Accident reconstruction specialists

Incident reconstruction professionals have the knowledge and experience to determine the series of events that led up to a slip-and-fall incident. They will go to the location, look at images, study witness testimonies, and use other relevant information to figure out what caused your fall.

  •   Flooring Experts

A traction and flooring specialist can calculate how the ‘co-efficient of fraction’ influences a floor’s safety. The index of the fraction is a mathematical calculation used to assess the slickness of a floor.

  •   Vocational and Medical experts

A healthcare professional can testify about the causal relationship connecting your fall and the injuries you sustained, the therapies you require, and your eventual prognosis.

  •   Economics Specialist

If you require future medical attention, are forced to change careers due to your injuries, or become incapacitated, a financial expert can assess the amount of anticipated medical or lost income reimbursement you should obtain as part of your settlements.

Seek Help Finding Slip-and-Fall Experts At Ponton Law Firm

Getting the appropriate specialists might be challenging for slip-and-fall victims who have little knowledge of premises liability rules and might not completely comprehend what must be demonstrated to sue successfully. A qualified attorney can discover expert witnesses who can explain complex facts in layman’s terms and present evidence to a judge in a persuasive manner.

Ponton Law Firm has advocated for thousands of slip-and-fall accident victims. Over the years, they have developed a vast network of expert witnesses who assist in laying the groundwork for a solid slip-and-fall claim. To talk to an Atlanta car accident attorney, schedule a consultation by calling Ponton Law Firm or utilize the convenient online contact form. You are under no requirement to pay anything until you receive compensation for your injuries.

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