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Slip-and-Fall Insurance

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Slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere and result in customer or employee injuries, damage to property, and possible claims. The settlements for these claims, especially in the case of severe injuries or extensive property damage, can be pretty huge. Thus, business owners need to know how to manage the risks associated with slip-and-fall cases at the workplace.

What Insurance Coverage Can Protect You From Slip-And-Fall Claims?

First and foremost, you should liaise with their insurance brokers to secure favorable coverage for your business. Then, ensure you incorporate the following into your insurance program:

  • General Liability Insurance

Your company and its properties will be protected from property damage and injury claims with general liability insurance. This policy reacts to third-party allegations of negligence and is intended to cater to the litigation expenses involved with those claims. Even if the company wins the case, litigation expenses can be expensive, hence vital that your company has comprehensive general liability coverage.

If a third party is injured due to a slip and fall at your workplace, you could face a claim. It may allege that your company and the services it rendered are liable for the bodily, property, or other damages sustained. In such cases, general liability insurance can assist the company in mitigating risks, legal or otherwise.

It is also vital to bear in mind that several parties may be held liable for injuries caused by a slip or fall on a business’s property. For instance, if the company rents, both the occupants and the property owner can be listed as defendants. Furthermore, suppose the incident was caused by a blunder made by a firm that your company employed to clean and maintain the workplace. In that case, the company might be held as well liable for the damages and injuries.

  • Commercial Property Insurance

Companies typically insure commercial property to safeguard their equipment and property from damage. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that slip-and-fall accidents can also result in extensive property damage.

A retail store customer, for instance, may slip and fall on a wet floor, crashing into and damaging a costly display and causing massive damage to your merchandise and property. While commercial property insurance does not specifically cover the costs of a slip-and-fall claim, it would assist you in covering the damages to your goods and property as a result of the incident.

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Employees and contractors are highly involved in a significant proportion of slip-and-fall injuries. Thus, indeed, all companies require workers’ compensation insurance. Most states in the United States have made this insurance policy mandatory, and rightly so.

Employees, particularly those in high-risk industries, require protection, and a good workers’ compensation policy would allow the company to offer them that protection. This insurance covers the immediate and long-term expenses of every employee’s occupational sickness or accident, including:

  • Treatment
  • Hospital bills
  • Missed wages
  • Physical therapy

What’s more, if the employer offers quality coverage, employees know they will be adequately paid and cared for by the policy.  The odds of employees suing their employer for workplace accidents are significantly decreased.

Seek Legal Counsel After A Slip-And-Fall Accident

Immediately after a slip-and-fall accident, there are some things you should do. These include seeking medical attention, reporting the accident, collecting any necessary evidence, and more.

Having a successful slip-and-fall claim is all about proving liability.

If you or your loved one has sustained severe injuries in a slip-and-fall accident in Georgia, contact Ponton Law Firm. An experienced Atlanta car accident attorney will guide you through all your available legal options and rights. Call them at (404) 850-9516 to get started today.

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