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Slip and Fall With a Sign

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One of the most common defenses in a slip-and-fall accident case is that the premises owner placed a hazard warning. Thus, a reasonable individual would have followed the notice and advanced with care or bypassed the area, preventing the incident.

It is a common misconception that drives some Georgia residents who were gravely wounded in slip and fall accidents to believe they have no valid claim. But in the real sense, the premises owner ought to be held responsible.

The existence of a warning sign, for instance, a safety cone or yellow standing floor sign with the words ‘wet floor’, does not always protect the premises owner from being liable following a slip-and-fall incident. Anyone who has been severely hurt in a fall resulting from a hazardous condition on someone else’s property in Georgia should speak with an expert Atlanta car accident attorney about their legal options.

What Does The Presence Of A Warning Sign Not Work In The Defendant’s Favor?

The warning sign’s goal is to raise awareness about a potential hazard. The responsibility to notify is arguably fulfilled whenever a premises manager, owner, or operator installs the sign. It also implies that they were aware of the threat, ruling out the argument that the defendant had no cause to be aware of the danger.

Nonetheless, if the sign failed to fulfill its objective, the defendant could still be held accountable. The following are some of the things your Atlanta car accident attorney will ask when investigating whether a slip-and-fall claim with a warning sign is still valid:

  • Was there adequate lighting to see and read the sign?
  • Was the sign’s warning in a dialect that the slip and fall victim could fully comprehend?
  • What type of sign was placed?
  • How near was the warning placed to the hazard?
  • How did the sign get put up?

Following A Slip And Fall-Related Injury, Always Consider Your Legal Choices

Never conclude you are out of options for reimbursement without first talking to a knowledgeable premise liability lawyer. Because a premises owner’s irresponsibility frequently induces slip and fall injuries, you are probably entitled to receive a significant remuneration for the numerous damages you have sustained.  

Do not be compelled to cover the cost for another person’s blunder. You have the legal right to seek reimbursement, and you ought to use that right whenever possible.

Proving Negligence In Slip-And-Fall Cases

In a slip-and-fall accident claim, there are several aspects you need to demonstrate to ensure a successful case. If not, they will rule out your claim. These include:

  • The defendant owed a duty of care
  • The defendant violated the duty of care
  • The violation resulted in your slip and fall accident
  • The violation resulted in damages

Have you or someone you care about been hurt in a slip and fall accident and are curious about how warning signs affect slip and fall cases? Schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney at Ponton law today.

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