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T-Bone Car Accident

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Side impact incidents, sometimes known as ‘t-bone’ car accidents, can happen in various driving scenarios. And, based on the situation, either the broadsided driver or the driver who perpetrated the broadsiding could be held liable for the mishap. Consult with an Atlanta car accident attorney for more information about demonstrating fault in T-bone car accidents.

Identifying Fault in Side-Impact Accidents

Motorist error (and hence accident culpability) can sometimes be quite evident solely depending on how a side-impact collision occurred, and the other driver might even confess guilt. However, in most typical t-bone scenarios- when the other vehicle slams your automobile or cut in front of you, forcing you to hit the other vehicle- the driver will frequently claim that he/she had the right of way and that you were to blame.

1. It All Begins With The Scene

You may find yourself at the scene of an automobile accident, unsure of what to do. The laws for a side impact accident are similar to those for other types of automobile collisions. While at the accident scene, you should do the following:

  •       Call the authorities (who might just make preliminary findings on who was at fault in a police report)
  •       Obtain contact details from anyone who witnessed the collision
  •       Do not acknowledge culpability to the other motorist
  •       Snap photographs of the scene and injuries if possible

2. Traffic Lights

If there is a doubt about the traffic signal (you had a safe green, but the other car argues he had the right of way), try to remember the timing of the incident. Though not a foolproof method, it is conceivable in some cases to match this time to the computerized programming of the traffic lights. However, it can provide your lawyer with another weapon to help demonstrate that you were not to blame.

3. Defects In Vehicles

The varied symptoms of faulty parts are a prevalent difficulty in side-impact crash scenarios. Since the brakes failed, the other driver might have run the red light- but is it the maker’s fault, the driver for missing to undergo regular maintenance or the dealer that assessed and did nothing to fix it?

Maybe the severity of the injuries was due to the accident breaking someone’s seatbelt or damaging the side impact airbags, preventing them from discharging. In this situation, you might wish to include the repair or manufacturer shop as parties who may bear some responsibility for the incident or the seriousness of the injury.

Obtaining Legal Assistance

If you are engaged in a T-bone car accident, even if law enforcement arrives, the responding officer might not assign blame in the accident report. Alternatively, they may declare what appears (to you) to be an inaccurate blame assessment.

And, in the lack of any definitive word, if separate witnesses tell contradicting stories, the other motorist will not have to take long to allege that the collision was your responsibility. For this reason, you should entrust your car accident claim to the competent hands of a seasoned Atlanta car accident attorney. Not only will your attorney develop a solid case for you, but it also will ensure you receive a full recovery for your damages. Contact Ponton Law firm through mobile or schedule a consultation online to get started today.

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