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UPS Truck Accident Attorney

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Injured in a truck accident with a UPS truck?  

Make sure you hire an Atlanta truck accident lawyer who actually handles these types of cases on a regular basis and possesses the necessary information and know-how to maximize your recovery. In any case, involving serious injuries or a significant hospital stay,  Ponton Law always sends an investigator to the scene to document and gather critical information that can increase the value of your case down the road. A couple of things to keep in mind about UPS cases based upon recent cases we have handled:

As of 2019, most of these claims are handled by a single third party administrator. In the past, UPS would farm them out to different administrators and law firms, but now it looks like they have been concentrated with Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual can be a very difficult insurance company to deal with, and definitely one of the worst here in Georgia. They utilize software that arbitrarily reduces the number of medical bills that significantly reduces the number of settlement offers. They are better when adjusting commercial cases, but it is imperative that you hire a lawyer who knows how to avoid the pitfalls in the claims management process. When presenting claims to Liberty Mutual, you need to know what sort of information you can present in the demand package which will offset the software variables, and ultimately increase the amount of your recovery. 

Most of the UPS adjustors are seasoned and sharp.   

It is the type of job you get after working car wreck files for many years. Any commercial case with significant injuries presents exposure well into the seven-figure range. They will know very early on if your lawyer really knows how to handle a commercial case or if he just says he does. This will impact the amount you will be offered prior to filing a lawsuit and throughout the litigation.  You need the adjustor to know that your lawyer knows his way around a commercial case. We utilize a team of experts the moment you walk through the door, which includes accident scene documentation, accident reconstruction investigators, and medical expert witnesses to document and bolster the value of your case.      

UPS has lots of accidents!  

Although they have a lot of drivers as well, in the past 24 months they have been involved in accidents with 170 reported injuries and 14 fatalities.    Keep in mind that these are only the reported accidents on record with the FMSCA. This is particularly important when it comes to determining who to sue and what causes of action to assert. Generally speaking, we will want to make sure that we include a claim for punitive damages in the complaint, which will allow us the opportunity to send specific document requests which will gather relevant facts that can potentially increase the value of your case.    

If you have been injured in a truck accident with UPS, contact Ponton Law today for a free consultation. He has experience in navigating UPS’ claims management software, as well as litigating these types of cases from intake through a verdict.