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What are the Types of Car Accident Injuries That Require Surgery?

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Auto accidents can bring devastating consequences to the involved parties. The types of car accident injuries that require surgery are numerous. Such surgeries can be extensive, and the victim might require long-term medical treatment. That can bring emotional, physical and monetary strain on both the injured individual and his or her family.

Common Car Accident Injuries That Require Surgery

Most injuries sustained in a car crash can be treated easily through rehabilitation or bracing exercises. But, other types of injuries might need surgical procedures to repair. The following are some of the common injuries that usually need surgical intervention after an auto collision.

1.      Knee Injury

Many auto accidents, particularly head-on collisions usually result in knee injuries. For instance, the front of a car might crush or collapse into the legs of the driver or passenger resulting in severe trauma. The human knee is a very complex organ that can suffer various injuries including broken bones, torn ACL and traumatic injury. A traumatic knee injury may necessitate the replacement of the whole joint. A knee injury might also need months or years of recovery.

2.      Spinal Cord Injury

Back and spinal cord injuries are also common in car crashes because of the force of the impact. The spinal discs and vertebrae may be pushed out of their proper position. A victim can get a bulging or herniated disc that needs surgery to correct and physical therapy after the procedure. Some forms of spine injury require immediate surgery to prevent paralysis.

3.      Injury to the Brain

Brain injury and head trauma are not unusual in car accidents. Such injuries might be mild with complete recovery, but some may lead to traumatic brain injury (TBI) with long-term disabilities. The yearly cost of traumatic brain injuries in the US is nearly $32 billion.

4.      Broken Bones and Fractures

Most car accidents leave victims with broken bones and fractures. The cost and recovery time for those injuries depends on the type of broken bone and the severity. For instance, the medical cost for a broken bone is at least $16,000 whereas a hip injury may cost more than $40,000 in medical bills.

5.      Internal Trauma

A car collision can also lead to internal bleeding, punctured body organs, crushed organs or other life-threating internal injuries. Depending on the severity of an internal injury, a victim may require minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery or a 12-hour long operation. As a result, it’s hard to estimate the average cost of medical bills for internal trauma.

Compensation for an Atlanta Car Accident

A victim may be entitled to compensation for severe injuries they have incurred in an auto wreck caused by another person. Since, car accidents may involve certain criteria and deadlines, it’s important for the injured party to consult an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer. An experienced attorney can build a substantial case to prove liability and enlist useful witnesses to support an injury claim. With adequate evidence, the lawyer can bargain with the insurer on behalf of the victim. Or present the case in a court of law if necessary.

The car accident lawyers of Ponton Law have the experience and expertise to help accident victims acquire the compensation they deserve. Contact us for a consultation.