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What Everybody Ought to Know Before Building a Soft Tissue Injury Claim

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Soft tissue injuries are among the most common types of injuries sustained after a car accident. Unfortunately, these injuries are a hard sell, and most victims don’t succeed in getting compensation for these injuries. If you are or a loved one plans to build a case for a soft tissue car injury, you should hire an experienced Atlanta Car Accident lawyer to assist you with your claim.

You should know that insurance companies have a way of evaluating pain and suffering. To them, pain and suffering are where an injury requires a more prolonged period of stay at the hospital. It also means that you would require comprehensive treatment.

This is, however, not the case for soft tissue car accident injuries. These injuries are complicated to prove, so insurers will immediately deny your claim. Additionally, these assumptions on pain and suffering will ultimately affect the amount stated by the claims adjuster.

Types of Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissues are the ligaments, muscles, and tendons located in almost every part of the body. Some of the most common soft tissue injuries include:

  • Strains. These are injuries that often occur when you are seated at the back during a car accident. These injuries may require therapy or even worse surgery if your tissue gets overextended
  • Whiplash.  This happens when you experience a sudden movement causing your neck to move back and forth
  • Contusions. Contusions are caused by violent contact with the dashboard or steering wheel.

Some of the symptoms of soft tissue injury include discoloration, sudden neck pain, neck stiffness, lower back pain, inflammation, as well as cognitive issues such as partial memory loss.

Why Soft Tissue Injuries Are So Hard to Prove

  • Lack of medical evidence- Insurers tend to be suspicious when you file a claim for soft tissue injuries. Unlike physical injuries, soft tissue injuries are not visible via X-ray, making it difficult to prove how much pain you are experiencing. Imaging results may also not provide enough evidence. Additionally, it becomes almost impossible to prove injury if your claim is not backed up by doctor’s records.
  • Delayed symptoms – Soft tissue injuries do not present immediate symptoms. As a result, some people fail to seek immediate medical help. These symptoms may arise a few days later. Insurers use this to claim that your injuries are unrelated to the accident

How to Prove Pain and Suffering Caused by Soft Tissue Car Accident Injuries

It’s essential to collect evidence that will prove the existence of soft tissue injuries. These include taking pictures of the scene where the accident happened, imaging tests, medical reports, as well as photos of your injuries. Another vital piece of evidence includes records showing that you missed work due to injuries.

You must also continue with your treatment as advised by the doctor. Insurers may claim that your injuries were not life-threatening or did not exist if they find out that you stopped getting treatment.

Once you have done your part, you need to reach out to an experienced lawyer who will help in pursuing your claim as well as assemble any other evidence required that will prove liability. In Atlanta, a personal injury victim is eligible for compensation as per the GA Code § 51-12-4 (2018). Hiring an expert Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer is the best way to build your soft tissue injury claim.