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What Is a Slip and Fall Case

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Liability Meaning

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and it may not be your fault. By law, homes, buildings, and parking lots or walkways must be properly maintained to ensure safe travels. This responsibility is referred to as premises liability.  

What does this liability mean? It means that in case someone is hurt after tripping or falling on the property due to the owner’s negligence, the victim is entitled to compensation for time off work, medical bills, and pain and suffering they undergo.  

What Can You Do in a Slip Case?

If your loved one or yourself is injured in a slip, fall, or trip accident, take immediate steps of contacting a reputable attorney to help build a strong legal case. Start by following these steps.

  • Seek medical attention – your health is a priority following the fall or slip accident. Let the doctor treat your injuries. Keep the medical records as they are vital in this slip case. The medical records ensure you are duly compensated after winning the case. 
  • Report the accident – regardless of whether it’s a trip, fall or slip accident occurring in a store or sidewalk, report it to the manager. Get the details in writing and ask the landlord, manager, or owner to give a written report then get a copy of the report before leaving. 
  • Keep everything safely – collect the dresses, names, phone numbers, and email addresses of witnesses. The witness statements are useful in helping you make a legal claim. Take pictures of the location the accident occurred. Ensure the picture covers the condition of the stairs, sidewalk, or store.

Jot down your position before the slip or fall and other important details such as the exact time and date. Place your clothing and shoes that you wore during the accident in storage as they are relevant pieces of evidence. 

Refuse to Give a Statement

 Limit your communication with the manager and remain calm. Don’t post the details of the accident on social media. Don’t give a statement to the insurance company until you speak to your lawyer. Plus, don’t take any blame or place one. 

Call your lawyer – you are calling the lawyer to take legal action. An experienced lawyer will help you through the process. Remember, the lawyer has handled several fall, slip, and trip accident cases.

These cases are complex and not easy to prove. Ponton Law firm has the resources and a team of experienced lawyers to handle the case. The track record speaks for itself and increases the likelihood of you recovering the money you deserve. 


 To prove liability, the attorney must demonstrate that the property owner has legal responsibility for that property and occurrences that take place on the property.

Normally, the business owner or landlord assumes liability for injuries occurring on the premises. However, if they have insurance, then they pass on the liability to the insurance company and the plaintiff has to file a lawsuit against the insurance company instead.  

What to Expect from the Lawyer in a Slip Case

The lawyer handles the paperwork and ensures the evidence is sufficient and appropriate.   The case is complex and can be confusing, which is why you need an experienced Atlanta slip and fall attorney. Ponton law firm gives you an experienced legal team that will take care of every detail as you focus on recovering. 

 The legal team works within the limited time and files the legal claims. You are treated as a person and not any other case number. The attorney keeps you posted on every development.

 Don’t struggle to pay your medical bills from the slip accident that isn’t your fault. Contact Atlanta slip and fall attorney, to get the best legal representation. Call the attorney at (404)-860-2454 for a free consultation.