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What to do in a Fender Bender

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Whenever you are driving, the last thing you want to hear is the sound of grinding metal or encounter a jarring feeling as a result of a fender bender. It is almost unavoidable that at some point, you will experience a minor accident. Chances are there will not be significant injuries on your part, but it will cause property damage. Despite that, it can be quite confusing trying to figure out what to do following a fender bender. It is understandable because of the nature of traffic accidents being chaotic, stressful and sometimes scary even when no one gets injured. What is more, fender benders can happen anywhere anytime. To avoid the confusion the following is a guideline of what to do in a fender bender to protect your interests;

Call the police

Whenever you get involved in an accident, whether minor or severe, the first thing you should do is call the authorities. Wait for them to get to the scene and file a police report, whether you are at fault or not. Always keep calm and wait for the police regardless of the actions of the other driver. You might encounter some rubbernecking motorists and some whose temper is uncontrollable. Do not pay attention to such. Wait for the police to handle the situation.

Exchange Information

In most cases, when you have been involved in a fender bender, the other driver will be cooperative. Use that time to exchange crucial information with them. Ask for things like their full name, address, phone number, and car insurance information. You will also have to provide them with the same information about you, but no matter what you do, do not give out your social security number.

Conduct Documentation of the Scene

Getting the other driver’s information and waiting until the police arrive is never enough. Use that time to take photos of the scene. Capture all the damage done to your vehicle as well as the geography of the surrounding area. You might not realize it, but such records can come in handy when filing for an insurance claim or when your case goes to court. Take pictures of anything that looks relevant and do not let the other driver talk you out of it.

Seek Legal Counsel

Accidents happen all the time and protecting your interests whenever you have been caught up in one is paramount. Consider calling an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer to help you get compensation for damages that your car might have picked up in such an unfortunate event. Also, an experienced attorney can prove that the other party’s negligence and ensure they pay for your medical treatment and lost income, if any. You never have to go through a fender bender alone when you can get quality representation from Ponton Law.

Most motorists out there are only interested in looking out for themselves, so you cannot trust anyone. It does not matter how nice someone seems. Most people want to get out of that situation as soon as possible, especially when they are at fault. When you let that happen, you will never get the compensation you deserve. As such, you must understand what to do when in a fender bender.