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Which Driving Environment Is Especially Dangerous for a Distracted Driver?

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The environment in which you are driving is a significant factor as to how well you drive. If you get into a car accident in one of these conditions while you were distracted, it is a good idea to contact an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer. Worse environments require greater driving skill and focus. Such environments are even more dangerous when drivers are distracted. Distractions come in all forms including drinking, smoking, using your cell phone or the numerous elements outside the car among others. Read on to find out which driving environment is especially dangerous for a distracted driver.

Heavy Rain

About a third of all run off the road accidents in the United States are as a result of wet road conditions. Many drivers state that the hardest condition for them to drive in is heavy rain.

Heavy rain becomes even more dangerous when you are distracted. You increase the chance of having a car accident by more than 50% if you are distracted while driving in a heavy downpour.

Heavy rain does not only affect the roads affecting your tires’ traction but they also reduce visibility. If you can barely see ahead of you and are distracted while driving, you are almost certainly going to be in an accident.


Snowfall comes in a close second when discovering which driving environment is especially dangerous for a distracted driver. When there is snow on the road, it is an inevitable traffic condition. Even the slightest of blizzards has a substantial effect when driving.

Snow reduces visibility and requires greater stopping distance as tires and roads are wet. Avoid distractions when driving in snow and drive slowly so as to arrive at your destination safely.


Icy roads are notoriously dangerous and slippery. They are the cause of many accidents and if you couple them with distractions, disaster is inevitable.

Ice affects the road especially in curvy and sloping areas. Checking your brakes before embarking on an icy road is extremely crucial for your safety.

If you know you are going to be driving on icy roads, it is best to use an SUV. Distractions are strongly advised against and you should avoid them at all costs when driving in icy conditions.

Heavy Traffic

The amount of car wrecks that happen during rush hour is astounding. The main reasons for collisions in heavy traffic are rage and impatience. Distractions also play a major role in causing such accidents.

You need to be very alert of your actions when driving in heavy traffic. Playing with your children in the backseat or perusing social media on your phone are distractions that will undoubtedly lead to an accident in heavy traffic.


Hail is such a dangerous driving condition that the best remedy to it is simply staying home. If you are distracted while driving in hail, you can’t be surprised if you end up in a car accident

However, if you absolutely have to drive in hail, you should turn on your headlights and focus intently on driving.

You should not allow distractions to affect your driving in such horrible driving conditions. If you happen to be in an accident while driving in such conditions, you should call an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney like Ponton Law for assistance or reach them online.