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Construction Worker Killed, Two Others Seriously Injured After Bridge Collapses in Newton County

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According to a report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a construction worker was killed when a portion of a bridge collapsed in Newton County. Demario Battle, an employee of B&D Concrete Cutting Inc, was identified as the victim of the tragic accident. Two other construction workers also suffered serious injuries and were hospitalized. Here, our Atlanta construction accident attorney explains what we currently know about the bridge collapse and provides an overview of construction accident claims in Georgia. 

70 Foot Section of a Bridge Fell Into the Yellow River in Newton County, Georgia 

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that comprehensive repair and rehabilitation work was underway on the Access Road bridge on Interstate-20. The section of the highway is located near exit 88, in Covington, Georgia. A general contractor (Georgia Bridge and Concrete) and a subcontractor (B&D Concrete Cutting Inc.) were both actively working on the construction site at the time of the accident. 

Workers for both companies were in the process of sawing and demolishing a bridge when a section collapsed and fell 70 feet into the Yellow River. Tragically, 33-year-old Demario Battle of Atlanta was killed in the collapse. Two other workers were seriously injured and airlifted to local hospitals. A recent report from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) noted that the bridge was originally constructed in 1937 and was listed as being in “fair” condition by safety regulators. 

Construction Workers are Covered By Workers’ Comp—But There May Be Other Claims 

In Georgia, construction companies and construction contractors are required to obtain no-fault workers’ comp insurance coverage for their employees. Construction workers hurt on the job always have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim to seek benefits for medical bills, wage loss, and permanent impairment. Additionally, surviving family members of a construction worker killed in an accident can file for death benefits through workers’ compensation. 

However, workers’ comp is not necessarily the exclusive remedy in a construction accident claim in Georgia. Although a construction worker generally cannot file a personal injury—nor can their family generally file a wrongful death lawsuit—directly against an employer, there are other parties that may bear liability. Modern construction sites are complicated. Multiple parties may be responsible for an accident. A construction worker hurt on the job always has the right to claim workers’ comp and they can file a third-party liability claim against other negligent defendants, potentially including general contractors, subcontractors, property owners, developers, and equipment manufacturers. 

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