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Reckless Driving School

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Wreckless Driving School Is Worth It

When charged with reckless driving in Atlanta, agreeing to attend a reckless driving school is a wise choice! The decision may help you in getting your charges reduced or even dropped.

Discussing this strategy with your Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer is well worth it. Especially if you are a first-time offender owning a clean driving record.

What You Would Learn in a Reckless Driving School

A reckless driving school is basically a driver’s improvement clinic. Other than only being used to drop or reduce your charge, a reckless driving school earns you safe driving points.

Which, make you eligible for several car insurance discounts. The courses offered equip you with defensive driving tips and other techniques to stay safe on the road.

Where to Find a Reckless Driving School

Georgia has traffic schools throughout the state, including reckless driving schools. You can search for a nearby location on the Atlanta DMV website. There is still an option of completing an online course.

It lets you work on your assignments from the comfort and privacy of your home. However, the final exam must still be done in a testing site location.

How Much a Reckless Driving School Costs

Fines along with other court costs easily drain your bank account with abundant expenses. Reckless driving school fees however are no more than $100 dollars. That makes it the most convenient and affordable way of addressing your ticket.

How a Reckless Driving School Helps Your Case

Here, the state jurisdiction really matters. The facts of your case, your driving history, and your age offer critical information to your Atlanta car accident lawyer. Advice from the lawyer may include:

  • The appropriate school for your case
  • Where and how to take the course, whether online or in-person
  • The best reckless driving school in your jurisdiction

Attending a reckless driving school shows your commitment to driving safely. It also proves that you’re taking affirmative action to rectify your recent poor driving record.

What to Expect from a Reckless Driving School

Typically, for the online learning modules, you will cover an online course over a predetermined speed. Breaking up the online course and working on separate portions may favor your time schedule. Often, physical in-person classes take eight hours and happen on Saturdays and Sundays.

Reckless Driving School Courses for Out-of-state Drivers

In case you have been assigned by an Atlanta court to attend a reckless driving school, then your case must be Atlanta DMV approved. If, however, you only wanted to prove your seriousness to the judge, then taking a DMV approved course is unnecessary. For an out-of-state driver, there are many reckless driving school courses available online. And, they don’t require in-person testing.

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