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Slip and Fall in Restaurants Lawyer

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You can slip and fall anywhere and of course, sustain some injuries. This can happen in your washroom, on staircases, in the backyard or restaurant. Speaking of slip and fall in restaurants, you need to understand how this accident occurs in such places.

Restaurants receive many people, meaning that they experience more foot traffic than other public places. Their walkways are narrower because they are surrounded by chairs and tables. Besides, some restaurants are more likely to have slippery or greasy floors that can cause accidents.

Since it is common to slip and fall in restaurants, it is prudent that you know what to do. The question is, do you seek medical attention? Do you report the incident to the restaurant’s top management? Finally, do you take legal action against the restaurant? All these are possibilities for anyone who feels that the slip and fall accident should have been avoided by the restaurant.

Seek Treatment Immediately

After the accident, the first form of action is to seek medical attention. This should follow suit if you feel that you seriously need emergency medical assistance. Most importantly, you should not allow anyone to assist you to stand up until medical professionals come to your aid. This will help you assess the injuries and treat them right away.

Report the Incident to the Restaurant Top Management Team

Before you leave the restaurant, make sure that you inform whoever is in charge to make them aware of what happened. Your report should be straight forward and not detailed just in case you are planning to sue the restaurant. 

Also, don’t inform the management what you did that led to your slip and fall in the restaurant. Ensure that the incident is put in writing, signed and one copy given to you. The copy will serve as proof of the incident at the restaurant. Proceed and document evidence as well as talking to witnesses who were there when the accident occurred.

Take Legal Action Against the Restaurant

If you feel that you need justice for what you’ve gone through at the restaurant, then you can seek legal representation. Make sure that you contact a reputable attorney immediately after leaving the restaurant.

It is a good idea to settle for a personal injury lawyer that is well versed in slip and fall cases. Normally, these cases are complex, time-consuming and frustrating if you are faint-hearted. With that in mind, look for an attorney that has a track record of winning similar cases. The main idea in doing so is to get justice and win compensation for the injuries and damages caused when the incident occurred at the restaurant.

Provide your attorney with copies of evidence, including witness statements, photos, medical reports, and accident reports. Your attorney will take up the case, investigate what happened and determine who’s reliable. Upon determining the reliability, your attorney will embark on negotiating for slip and fall in restaurant settlement with the liable party’s insurance company.

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