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What to Do the Day After a Car Accident Injury

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The United States records millions of accidents each year, with a significant majority involving severe bodily injuries and property harm. If the other driver’s negligence caused the accident, the law allows you to file a lawsuit and receive the deserved compensation.

However, the defendant and the insurance company will not gladly accept liability. Therefore, it is essential that you work with a professional lawyer for legal advice and representation. Discuss your case today with an Atlanta car accident attorney. Here is what to do the day after a car accident injury:

Seek medical attention

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If you did not get a chance to visit the hospital immediately after the accident occurred, you should seek medical attention first thing the following day. This is because car crash injuries are not necessarily apparent immediately.

Most car accident victims report pain the second or the third day after the event. Therefore, it is always recommended that you seek immediate help as it is possible to sustain a severe spinal cord injury even after a minor impact.

The doctor will screen you for all potential injuries, including concussions, especially if you lost consciousness for a short period. Keep the necessary records to strengthen your personal injury lawsuit.

File a police report

Every state has a different time frame allowed to file your case with the police. Most states, including Georgia, give victims a limit of 72 hours to file their case, especially if they suffered severe physical injuries. Therefore, if you did not get a chance to file a report on the day of the accident, you are still within the 72-hour time limit the following day. This report will be helpful when filing a claim with your insurers. If possible, have them give you a copy and a responding officer’s badge after filing your report.

Keep a file

On the day of the accident, you will have notified your insurance, depending on how soon they require you to contact them. Your file should have documents with the following information:

  •       The claim number
  •       The claim’s adjuster in charge of your claim
  •       Phone numbers and names of all appropriate contacts
  •       Receipts of expenses incurred due to the accident

These should be the primary documents included in your file. You can also include a copy of the medical records, the report from the police, and anything else you feel will strengthen your case.

Protect your rights

As mentioned above, the insurance company and the defendant will not gladly accept liability after an accident. Therefore, you will need an experienced lawyer to advise you, look at all documents before you sign, handle negotiations, and represent you in court if you decide to file a lawsuit. The benefit of working with personal injury attorneys is that they charge only after winning the case.

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