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May 2017

How Much is a Torn Rotator Cuff Worth in Georgia?

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This is a question we are asked often, because it is a fairly common injury. I recently asked the members of a jury pool in Gwinnett County how many people had a close family member or friend who had a torn rotator cuff and 8 hands went up out of 36. Of the 36, 1 previously had a full tear and 1 previously had a partial tear. It is certainly helpful when you have an injury that many folks can relate to, especially when it comes to permanent restrictions and limitations. The folks on that jury and the many clients I have represented who have suffered similar injuries, will tell you that even after surgery and physical therapy they still have trouble with everyday activities, like reaching for a cup on the top shelf of a cabinet or changing a lightbulb, without enduring some level of pain. The value of…

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