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FAQ: How Long Do You Have to Go to the Doctor After a Slip and Fall?

Medical Examination

Unintentional slip and falls have the potential to cause serious fatalities to a person of any age group. It is surprising how many slip and fall victims fail to go to the emergency room or visit a doctor as soon as the accident occurs, yet most slip and fall injuries require immediate medical attention. Even injuries that seem minor and don’t show instant signs of seriousness at first may worsen with time if left untreated. And although many states have not established a specific period of time that a potential claimant or plaintiff should see a medical practitioner, failing to see one could negatively impact one’s settlement or award for damages that victims usually obtain. Undergoing a medical examination immediately after you slip and fall is not only critical for your physical well-being but is crucial for any legal claim you may choose to pursue afterward.

Worsening Injuries

It is never a good idea to wait when you need medical treatment. Some of the most common and serious injuries related to slip and falls include broken bones and fractures, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and spinal cord injuries (SCI), among others. Some of the more severe injuries like TBI may not show early signs and may be neglected, leading to debilitating effects much later. It is very important that a victim of slip and fall seeks medical help immediately after the accident.


Beyond the physical and medical repercussions, failing to seek immediate medical attention after a slip and fall accident could encourage the at-fault party to argue that the injury may have been caused by a different accident. With the help of a skillful Atlanta slip and fall attorney, the defendant could leverage the situation and make it much more difficult for the victim to convince a jury otherwise. Seeing a doctor right away after a slip and fall injury can demonstrate clearly in your medical records, that the injury was sustained from the case in point.

Effect on Compensation

Additionally, waiting too long before seeing a doctor can greatly affect the amount of pay out expected for the damages. The injuries could worsen because the victim neglected to visit a medical facility, leading the at-fault party to argue that the victim is partly to blame for the severity of the injuries. They may ask the court that the victim not be entitled to compensation and their wish could actually be granted. Under Georgia contributory negligence law, the damage award could be reduced or withdrawn completely if it is proven that the victim was partially at fault for their own injuries. If they were responsible for less than 50 percent of the injuries, they may still be entitled to recover the damages, though the damages will be reduced appropriately according to the proportion of their fault. Otherwise, they would lose all the compensation.

Atlanta Slip and Fall Attorney

An accomplished Atlanta slip and fall attorney can help any client recover financially from negligent property owners after a slip and fall accident. He/she can evaluate a situation properly and advise on the legal rights and options that one can take. If one has a slip and fall injury claim in Atlanta, they should seek the help of an experienced Atlanta slip and fall attorney as soon as possible for counsel.