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Lawsuits Involving Semi-Truck and Car Accidents

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Recent statistics revealed that about 11% of deaths in the United States involved semi-trucks. Almost all of the casualties in semi-truck and car accidents are in passenger vehicles, making it evident that these injuries can be severe. 

The law protects you from the reckless or negligent actions of others when you are using roads. If you are a victim of an auto accident, consult an Atlanta car accident attorney to file a lawsuit and get total compensation. Here is additional information you want to know:

What leads to most car accidents?

Each case is likely to have a different factor that caused the accident. For example, one accident may have been caused by a poorly lit roadway, while another accident may occur due to an intoxicated driver. 

Cases that automatically qualify for compensation are those that were caused by the negligence of another party. Defendants in these cases are usually the other drivers, property owners, or employers. Examples of cases that are a result of negligence include:

  •       Distracted driving, where the other driver was on the phone or engaging in other distracting activities;
  •       Unsafe driving tactics that eventually lead to an accident;
  •       Driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drug;
  •       Driving under general fatigue or exhaustion;
  •       Driving without essential medication or medical devices, such as corrective lenses;
  •       Other factors, such as unlicensed or aggressive driving.

For all the cases above, the driver is held responsible for the accident, and you can file a lawsuit against them. Employers are also at fault if they hire a negligent driver, schedule drivers who are exhausted, do not inspect vehicles properly, or load cargo improperly. On the other hand, property owners who may be held responsible include the state, which has a duty to maintain safe roadways.

What to do after semi-truck and car accidents

  • Seek treatment: As discussed above, most of these accidents can be severe. In the event of an accident, you are supposed to seek immediate medical assistance for evaluation to prevent injuries from aggravating. Shock and adrenaline may prevent you from experiencing pain when you are hurt.
  • Call the police: The police will evaluate the situation and put observations in writing. If possible, you should acquire a copy of that report. If not, call an accident advocate to handle everything for you.
  • Take pictures: This might prove to be helpful when filing a lawsuit. Take a photo of anything you see relevant. It could include your injuries, property damage, and the general scene.
  • Collect information: If there are witnesses around who saw what happened, get their numbers for future contact, if need be. You should also note vehicle registration and insurer details.
  • Get an accident attorney: Finally, get an expert to help you win the case, as it might be challenging to go through it on your own.

Remember, you can just contact Ponton Law to handle everything on your behalf after an accident. The experts have had years of experience dealing with auto accidents and have always had favorable outcomes. Book an appointment online or call 404-860-2454 for a free consultation and aggressive legal representation.

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