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Shoulder Injuries from Car Accident

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Car accidents are inevitable and can happen to anyone. When they do, the impact could lead to severe injuries on nerves, tendons, bones in the shoulder and soft tissues. Most car accidents tend to cause shoulder injuries mainly to the driver due to the proximity to the steering wheel. Likewise, the impact with the seat belt is another cause. When you incur a shoulder injury from a car accident, it can cause significant discomfort because of nerve damage. You may also find it challenging to move your arm. As such, in the event of a car accident that causes a shoulder injury, you might have grounds for a personal injury claim. An Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer can help protect your interests in such a case.

The shoulder has high mobility, which increases its chances of getting injured. Usually, you might not realize where you are hurt, but the pain is always the first warning sign. The following symptoms should help you recognize when you have incurred a shoulder injury;

Difficulty moving your arm

In the aftermath of a car accident, you might suffer multiple injuries, and sometimes you may not know what part of your body is affected the most. Shoulder injuries are common, and one way you can tell if you have incurred one if you are having difficulties moving your arm. It could be due to dislocation, which is why you need to seek medical attention to get it fixed right away.

Intense pain around the shoulder area

Accidents cause all types of discomfort. Sometimes you may incur significant property damage, and with all the stress and confusion, it can be difficult realizing you have hurt your shoulder. However, if you notice intense pain emanating from your shoulder area, it could be a severe injury, and the sooner you get it checked, the better.


Some injuries happen internally, and you only realize its dangerous when you notice your skin getting discolored. Discoloration around the shoulder area is one of the main symptoms of shoulder injuries. It could be because of a blood clot as a result of a car accident.

Numbness, weakness or swelling on the shoulder

Most car accidents result to shoulder injuries because of the sudden impact. A common sign that you have hurt your shoulder is you feel numbness or weakness. Also, if you realize your shoulder is swelling, then you should seek medical attention immediately.

Pain while sleeping

During sleep, you tend to roll and adjust to different positions. Usually, that puts stress on the shoulders, and if something is wrong, you may notice some pain. Such injuries are picked from car accidents and may not be noticeable at first. Do not live with pain, no matter how little it might be. Get it checked by a professional before it becomes worse.

Whenever you have encountered a car accident, you should always consider visiting a doctor even if you do not feel any pain. Most people tend to ignore shoulder injuries and hope that the pain will go away after some time. If you notice any of the symptoms, ensure to visit a doctor for a checkup and contact a lawyer to help you claim compensation for your injuries.