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What Steps Should I Take After an Injury at an Airport?

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Nobody travels to an airport with expectations of suffering a serious injury there. However, airports, just like other public places that are frequented by large numbers of people, can have a wide variety of hazards that can result in debilitating injuries. Indeed, airport injuries may be more common than you think. Common examples of injuries that happen at airports include slips and falls in the terminals or waiting areas, escalator and elevator injuries, pedestrian accidents involving airport vehicles or oncoming traffic in the pick-up or drop-off areas, train or tram accidents when a passenger is moving between terminals, and injuries involving luggage conveyor belts. 

If you were recently injured at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, or at another airport in Georgia, one of our experienced Atlanta airport injury attorneys can help you to file a claim. In the meantime, we want to provide you with more information about the steps you should take after an airport injury in order to seek financial compensation for your losses.

Document the Injury and the Area Where It Happened

Document the injury and the area where the accident happened as fully as possible. You should take photos from multiple angles with your phone.

Gather Contact Information for Anyone Who May Have Witnessed the Accident

You should ask for contact information from anyone who witnessed the accident. If you do not obtain this information immediately, it can be extremely difficult or even impossible to track down someone who saw what happened since the airport is busy with so many domestic and international travelers.

Report the Accident As Soon As Possible to the Airport

You will need to file an accident or incident report as soon as possible. If you are still able to seek help with your accident report and do not require immediate emergency care, you can seek out the Atlanta Police Department’s Airport Section to find out more about filing an accident or incident report and ensuring that your accident is documented in a timely manner.

Seek Medical Attention As Soon As Possible

If you are en route to another location when an accident happens at the Atlanta airport, you might be tempted to continue on your flight in order to reach your destination without any delays. Yet it is important to remember that delaying a medical assessment and medical care ultimately may result in your injury worsening. Some types of injuries do not produce immediate signs and symptoms, but they can worsen without proper care. Not only can a worsening injury make your recovery more difficult, but it may allow the airport or another liable party to raise the issue of comparative fault and to allege that your own negligence contributed to the severity of your injuries.

Get Help from an Atlanta Airport Lawyer

You should seek help from an airport injury lawyer in Atlanta as soon as you can to begin working on your case. Your lawyer can start gathering evidence to support your claim and can speak with you about your options moving forward.

Contact Our Atlanta Airport Injury Attorneys

Were you injured while departing or arriving from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport? An experienced airport injury attorney at our firm can help with your case. Contact Ponton Law for more information.