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What To Do If You Slip And Fall In a Store

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If you get hurt from a personal injury after a fall or slip accident, contact an Atlanta Slip and Fall Attorney as it might have happened due to someone’s negligence. Filing a case is the only way you can get compensated for your lost wages and the medical expenses incurred. The main challenge in these cases is to prove that the owner of the property is responsible for the accident.

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Here are some tips to help you get compensation if you fall or slip in a store:

  • Look for medical assistance: Severe injuries do not seem serious when they occur. Ensure that you seek medical help immediately, even if it does not seem important. Or else, it will be harder to prove that your accident ensued from a slip or fall accident.
  • Inspect the area: Examine the spot where the accident happened and record what you observe. Look around for things that might have caused the slip or fall, like rough flooring and spills.
  • Record what you can remember about the accident: Write the memories about the accident immediately before it happened and the time after it happened.
  • Record the details of the witnesses: Acquire the names and contacts of the people who were around when the accident happened. Ensure that you get information about everyone who was around, even if they did not see the actual slip or fall. The witnesses might assist in the lawsuit from observations of what happened after you left the site.
  • Report the case: If the fall happened at a premise, go by their procedure to report the accident. Do not try resolution or negotiate with them. Listen to their comments carefully and be sure to write down the comments that might help in the case as soon as you get out of the premises.
  • Take photos: It is necessary to take photographs immediately after the accident to have evidence about the conditions that resulted in the accident.
  • Avoid talking: Do not speak about what happened or blame anyone. The witness or the owner of the property might repeat what you said in court.

An attorney or insurance company might want to talk to you after the slip or fall incident. Those parties do not represent your interest; they represent the interests of the owner of the property. They intend to reduce the charge to the property owner. Tell them to contact you through your legal representative. If you don’t have one, take their details and tell them that your lawyer will get back to them.

Ensure that you get an Atlanta Slip and fall Attorney to represent you immediately. There are time limits on when you can file a case. Most attorneys work on a contingency basis which means that they get their fee from the compensation awarded.

The slip or fall victim should not suffer because of negligence from someone else. If you get a slip or fall accident, contact Atlanta slip and fall attorneys for a consultation.