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What to Do in Case of a Single Car Accident

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A single car accident involves and affects only one vehicle. Single car accidents may include hitting an inanimate object by the side of the road, such as a tree. It may also include the car spinning or rolling without hitting anything, veering off the road and flipping over. Because a single vehicle accident involves only one car, the driver is often assumed to be at fault for the accident. For that reason, an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer can be indispensable when you are involved in a single car accident.

The following is information about what to do when involved in a single car accident:

Keep Calm and Assess the Situation

When involved in a single car accident what to do is to remain calm as panicking will only make the situation worse. The first priority is your safety and the safety of anyone else involved in the accident.

You should ensure that anyone involved in the accident including you is okay. If there are any injuries, you should call the authorities and ask for help.

Assessing any other dangers is also paramount. Fires or explosions as a result of the accident are possible. Secondary collisions from oncoming traffic are also a possibility. If there are any such dangers you should take steps to ensure the welfare of anyone involved in the accident.

Stay at the Scene

Do not leave the scene of the accident unless there is significant risk to your wellbeing. Stopping and offering assistance after a car accident is compulsory under Georgia state law.

When the authorities arrived at the scene, the law states that you have several duties including submitting your name, address and the registration number of the car. You should also present your driver’s license when prompted.

If you are in good condition, you should also take video and photo evidence of the accident for insurance purposes. Wait for the police officer to write an accident report and ask them how you can obtain the report.

If the accident has resulted in injury or death do not move the vehicle. Georgia law states that the car should not be moved until the investigating officer is done with the report.

Moreover, do not make any admissions of guilt or offer any statements of apology at the scene. The ultimate time and place to talk about the crash is in a court of law after all evidence has been made available.

Seek Medical Help

When involved in a single car accident what to do is to seek medical help for any party involved. It is a well known fact that injuries resulting from car accidents may not be immediately clear.

A trip to the emergency room is always recommended after any kind of accident. Ensure that the doctor knows that you were in a car accident.

When you are in a single car accident, there is a lot to consider. You should keep calm, assess the situation, ensure you stay at the scene and seek medical attention. You should also contact an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer like Ponton Law as soon as possible in case any claims are made against you.